Why You Should Find Out Your Blood Type Before the Next Board Game Night

Let Me Explain...

I just love playing games together in a shared space and the drama of it all—the screaming, celebrating, gloating, decision-making, betrayals and alliances, the comebacks—it's just not the same when you're sharing these experiences across computer screens.

And because the board gaming hobby is so driven by social interactions, understanding your group dynamic can be key to having a successful board game night.

So... what if I told you that you could understand the dynamics of your board game group based on their blood types? 

Introducing Blood Type Personalities

What is your blood type?

From Zodiac signs and Myers-Briggs to even the Chinese Zodiacs, there are all sorts of ways out there that claim to tell not only your personality, but even your compatibility with others.

In the case of Korea?it's blood types. For decades, blood types have been the single most dominant source of categorization and is so deeply rooted in society that:

  • Koreans remember their blood type without having to go to another blood drive (if any of my co-workers are reading this, this is directed at you guys)It's as natural as knowing your birthday.
  • Once people know your blood type, they will immediately start making assumptions.
  • When a friend gets a boyfriend/girlfriend, one of the top five questions will certainly be "what's his/her blood type"?
  • It influences some people's decision for a potential marriage partner.
  • It's frequently used in movies/shows to give a reference point for a character's personality.
  • Some companies ask for potential employees to state their blood type on their resume.

With all that said, here are the commonly associated personality traits of each of the blood types and how it can possibly come into play on your next board game night.

Blood Type A

  • Tenderhearted, sentimental
  • Put others' needs before their own
  • Considerate, sometimes to a fault
  • Takes time to open up to others
  • Hides feelings well
  • Prone to holding a grudge
  • Cautious, conservative
  • Perfectionist
  • Responsible
  • Patient
  • Stubborn
  • Punctual
  • Least likely to hold their liquor

Blood type A's may be the subdued ones in your group. Quiet and reserved in the beginning but once they open up, they will be the most active, committed, considerate members who put a lot of unnoticed effort and care to make sure the night goes well for the others. Be careful though, because they can be quite fragile-hearted and are like ticking time bombs ready to explode if they keep things bottled up for hours, weeks, or even months at times.

They aren't likely to make risky plays and may get paralyzed when trying to make a major decision. They are adept at keeping low profile and hiding their presence, so if you don't do a good job of keeping them at bay, you may all find yourselves at their mercy as they take their last turn to push you off the cliff, all while putting on their usual innocent smiles.

Best compatibility: O, followed by A

Worst compatibility: B

Blood Type B

  • Moody, temperamental, hard to tame
  • Impulsive
  • Impatient
  • Irresponsible, lazy
  • Straightforward, outspoken, honest
  • Makes enemies easily
  • Good at expressing emotion
  • Strong-willed, independent
  • Curious, creative
  • Passionate
  • Friendly
  • Popular
  • Flexible
  • Charismatic
  • Social butterfly
  • Playboy type

Blood type B's have the extremes: strong positives that come with strong negatives, and is the type with the most negative connotation associated in Korean society. These people are the influencers who are the most vocal and often set the mood for the night. Likely causes the most laughs but may possibly end up stepping on multiple people's toes throughout the night without much thought. May speak out their strategies out loud, appear flamboyant, show-offy, aren't afraid to make counter-arguments against the majority opinion, make risky plays, and have the biggest target on their backs.

Oh, and they're the maniacs in Zombicide who are the most likely to dive straight into a horde of zombies and go all-out without a care in the world. 

Best compatibility: AB, followed by O

Worst compatibility: A

Blood Type O

  • Well-rounded
  • Even-keeled, consistent
  • Easygoing
  • Self-confident
  • Strong-willed
  • Practical, rational, robust
  • Respected, natural leader
  • Driven, goal/success-oriented, ambitious
  • Energetic, passionate
  • Natural athletes
  • Obsessive
  • Vain
  • Ruthless
  • Arrogant

Blood type O's have natural leadership capabilities. Calculating, focused, and almost obsessed when posed with a goal, they make great judgment calls to produce what is most efficient and optimized. Engine-building games are their forte. 

Their tendencies also make them highly prone to quarterbacking and leaving others behind in the dust if they don't take extra precaution to be considerate. Oh, and they're probably the ones yelling at the blood type B's for wanting to be free and go off to hunt the zombies on their own.

Best compatibility: A, followed by O

Worst compatibility: AB

Blood Type AB

  • Unique, quirky, eccentric
  • Have a few close friends
  • Socially awkward or outside the norms
  • Likes to keep clear boundaries
  • Self-centered
  • Straightforward critic
  • Temperamental
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Unpredictable
  • Rational
  • Talented (without others' knowledge)
  • Appears two-faced
  • Wise
  • Genius
  • Psycho

Often described as either a genius or a psycho, blood type AB's appear to live in their own universe. Like aliens walking on Earth, their approach to life may appear strange, mysterious, or some high-level stuff that normal folks can't possibly comprehend. Often outcasts or choosing to be alone, they don't care to reveal much about themselves unless they find someone that they really "click" with.

On a typical board game night you will find them either making some questionable/unpredictable plays, outside of the box strategy, or just tinkering with a random mini/component and appearing quite disinterested in you and the game.

Best compatibility: AB, followed by B

Worst compatibility: O


So, what do you think? Does any of this hold water for your group? Even if you think this is all some ridiculous stuff, I will consider it a win if I managed to get even a single person to go to their next local blood drive :D

Oh, and also, I taught my co-workers about this and they went on for days joking things like, "ugh, you're such a type A," "now I know what my next pickup line's gonna be," and so on. So if you ever come to a bind not having a conversation starter with your awkward co-worker or your hot date, try asking, "what's your blood type?"

Thanks for the read!

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Supporter16 months ago

This is pretty accurate for me (Bloodtype: O). It's a big struggle not to try and quarterback, haha. I just consider myself being helpful ;)