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Wingspan Oceania Expansion Giveaway | Board Game Quest


We are giving away one brand new copy of the Oceania expansion for Wingspan! Enter to win here. :)

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34 days ago

Not a game I think I'll buy, but sure why not try for the expansion.

35 days ago

I don't have the base game yet, but it is at the top of my wishlist. I went ahead and entered the giveaway.

Premium User35 days ago

I already preordered this but who's to say I can't have 2 copies? LOL

35 days ago

This looks like such a solid expansion. It kinda makes me wish I didn't own the European one, just because that is SO MANY cards lol

34 days ago

It can't be worse than playing with all the expansions for #Killer Bunnies hahaha...haha...ha.......

34 days ago

omg that game is so ridiculous

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