May the 4th Be With You! What is your Favorite Star Wars Board Game and Our Rankings

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Premium User5 days ago

I'm surprised there aren't MORE games with a Star Wars themed pasted on. Considering there's been everthing from Star Wars hamburgers to pet costumes to this abomination:

5 days ago

haha, they are doing a pretty good job so far...

5 days ago

I only have one Star Wars game: #Monopoly: Star Wars which my mom gave me back in 1997 when it came out.  I never played it until about six years ago when my son (then 10) wanted to play it after watching all the movies together.  I think we played it twice- after which he mainly just played with the ships all over the living room.  It hasn't been played since.

5 days ago

Haha, that sounds like a very typical story for any copy of Monopoly. You should check out some of the other Star Wars titles, there are some good ones!

Supporter5 days ago

You know I've only played Imperial Assault (which was a big favorite of ours when we first started gaming) and X-Wing which didn't really stick with me.  So IA is default my favorite.

However, it has bumped down my list quite a bit.  One reason is while I like telling a story through playing a game in the Star Wars universe there is already so much established story that it never feels like it's completely mine so I've moved into games that scratch the itch of telling our own unique story.

But... I love Star Wars (well the OT), and I love the original novel series which I've read many of.  So I do love the Star Wars universe in general.


5 days ago

Fair point. I think many of these are so well designed as games that I am not bothered, but I can see that.

Supporter4 days ago

I do think I'd enjoy Rebellion if I had the time.  I also think with IA, because it's semi cooperative it's not my favorite.  But also, I think that perhaps dungeon crawlers aren't my favorite.  Maybe someday I'll get a chance to take a run at Rebellion.

5 days ago

Solid list, I am defintely with you on Rebellion though I would have like to see Destiny higher. That being said - Monopoly? Loopin Chewie? 

5 days ago

That Monopoly has Baby Yoda, how can you not get behind that!! And say what you want about Monopoly but there are people that enjoy it.

Have you played Looping Chewie? It sounds like you are missing out, this should be a staple gift for any kid or a gift for yourself if you want to feel like a kid again.

4 days ago

#Star Wars X-Wing: Core Set will probably always be my favorite, even if I don't play anymore. My oldest (soon to be 6) should be old enough to fly the ships around and roll dice, so I need to try that with him. I may get more into 2.0 once he's older, but for now, I stopped playing when 2.0 launched because I didn't want to re-invest in my sets.

#Star Wars: Rebellion I've only played once but LOVED it.

I haven't played it yet--and I'm sure I'll love it when I do--but I asked for #Star Wars Imperial Assault for my birthday in July but I told my wife not to worry about it if she couldn't find one for a decent price. So fingers crossed! 

#Star Wars: Destiny is also a favorite, although I haven't played in some years now. I'm hoping my kids will want to play when they're older, so I'm keeping everything (I have enough for 3, maybe 4 decent decks). I always played casually anyway.

My kids love #Loopin' Chewie, and used to sit around and play that for hours. Great little babysitter haha

I'm a big fan of #Star Wars: Outer Rim, although I've decided I much prefer it at a higher player count. Solo just feels like a race (although I'll still play solo on occasion), and two-players leaves too much space between players. What I want to do is figure out a house rule to make ship-to-ship combat a regular action. That would be wonderful, but I haven't yet given it much thought.

And, lastly but not leastly, #Star Wars: Epic Duels Game is my grail game. One day it will be mine. Until then, I shall dream on.

4 days ago

1: #Star Wars: Rebellion

2: #Star Wars Imperial Assault

3: #Star Wars: Destiny

I'm sellign my collection of destiny card and dice though (+-800 cards?) but nobody seems to want them anymore.

4 days ago

Dang, that's a lot of cards! I wish Destiny hadn't succumbed to the Fantasy Flight card game model. It was a great game. Still is. I still have my cards, but am currently waiting for my oldest to get old enough to play with me. I have a couple of decks to play with--not a ton of cards--but it's still a fun game to bust out every so often. I stopped buying boosters once I found Thrawn haha

4 days ago

If you're in mainland Europe, I might be able to get these to you for a small compensation (some moleskine notebooks or something). The box is quite heavy :p. It will take my son too long to learn sufficient English to play it with me anyway (I live in Belgium, English isn't our mothertongue)

4 days ago

🤤 Oh man. What I wouldn't give to be in Europe right now haha I bet that's super heavy! I hope you're able to find someone to take those off your hands. It's always nice to get a little something out of a game you've invested in. 

4 days ago

#Star Wars: Epic Duels Game is my personal favorite, especially when played in teams. Just a fun, simple skirmish game with a cool hand management mechanic. The decks do a good job of differentiating characters.

I would love to see a new version with more characters. (I know #Unmatched Game System is supposed to be a re-implementation, but it looks like they unnecessarily complicated it.)

I was a big X-Wing fan and ran events at my FLGS for years. But I got off the merry-go-round when FFG did the second edition. Fun game, terrible distribution model.

4 days ago

I love Epic Duels! One day I will find it and I will own it. But that is not this day!

And X-Wing great. I stopped at 2.0. I got a Rebellion conversion kit on the cheap shortly after they came out (traded in a game), but honestly haven't played since 2.0 hit shelves. Shame, really, since it's one of my favorites.

4 days ago

I actually left a copy of Epic Duels on the shelf a couple weeks ago. It would have been a backup to the backup copy, but at $40 I decided to skip it.

4 days ago

Yeah, and that's why I don't have it yet haha I found a copy for $50, but I didn't have that in the budget, so I had to watch it be carried away by someone else. My wife's cousin's husband owns the game, but he refuses to part with it, and they're a couple of states away. Maybe he'll let me inherit it haha

4 days ago

Keep hunting - I found my first copy for five bucks!

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