What is your favorite podcast for board games?

This Game is Broken(1 vote) 2%
Blue Peg, Pink Peg(0 votes) 0%
Five Games for Doomsday(0 votes) 0%
Board Game Barrage(13 votes) 25%
The Dice Tower(3 votes) 6%
So Very Wrong About Games(4 votes) 8%
Secret Cabal(0 votes) 0%
Ludology(2 votes) 4%
Shut Up and Sit Down(15 votes) 29%
Cardboard Reality(0 votes) 0%
Solosaurus(3 votes) 6%
Man vs Meeple(1 vote) 2%
Game Brain Podcast(1 vote) 2%
The Weekly Quack(2 votes) 4%
The Gaming Moguls(1 vote) 2%
Malthaus games(1 vote) 2%
No Pun Included(2 votes) 4%
Board Games Are Fun(1 vote) 2%
Space Cats Peace Turtles(1 vote) 2%
Cardboard Conjecture(1 vote) 2%

52 votes

Let's talk about board game podcasts!

  • Do you listen to them?
  • Which one's your favorite and why?
  • Have you been listening to podcasts more or less frequently as a result of COVID-19?

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Supporter6 days ago

Also, I might just note.... I believe cardboard reality as a podcast is defunct. I understand that they passed their torch on to Dads on a Map in October of 2019. I highly recommend dad's on a map. They really like Pax and 18xx games among many others. Pax and 18xx are two fields I'm wanting to break into. 

6 days ago

I like the hosts of Dads On A Map, but man I have ZERO interest in 18XX and they talk about it all the time, haha.

Supporter6 days ago

I started being semi interested, but more I'm quite interested. 

Supporter6 days ago

I listen to a LOT of boardgame related podcasts. I count 23 seperate ones in my subscription queue. If course some of those are defunct, and some of them I don't listen to every episode. Even so, I count 14 that I listen to regularly. 

5 days ago

I'm in a similar boat - I listen to 30 board game podcasts, 7 are defunct (or are on a long hiatus)  and 3 of them I only listen to every couple of episodes. The rest are regular listens at 1x speed while doing chores

Supporter4 days ago

Which one (s) are your favorite. 

I like your user name. Do your chores include cows? 

4 days ago

My favorite two podcasts are Sporadically Board and Malthaus Games - both bacause of the people hosting the shows, not necessarily anything about their coverage of board games.

As for the username, it checks out - my chores do include working with cows! 

Supporter4 days ago

I like cows, I have had them and/or been around them all my life.

Here in El Salvador, I only have room for one, and I miss having a bigger herd to play with.

4 days ago

Now I have to ask what your favorite breed is! I'm partial to the black and white holsteins being they're the ladies in our tie-stall barn. 

I have no context for what would be the best breed for El Salvador... maybe one of the more heat tolerant breeds?

Supporter4 days ago

To be honest with you, I prefer beef cows, and as soon as I reached the age of discretion I started raising red devon cattle. I think those are my favorite beef breed, though I had a brief flirtation with Gelbviegh cattle. 

When I was a boy, dad had a dairy. We started with Holstein and eventually switched to Brown Swiss. I love the tempermant of brown Swiss. We always found Holsteins to be flightier, but they did produce a little bit better than the brown Swiss, though the brown Swiss outperformed the Holsteins when it came to butterfat. 

Nowadays for a dairy breed I prefer Jersey or a Jersey cross. They are, generally speaking, such a calm and amiable animal. And, as a milk snob, I find their milk second to non.

I currently have, as a family milk cow, a Jersey Holstein cross. She is a very good animal for that purpose. 

For dairies around here, you see some Holsteins, but they really don't do that well here. They do, however, work well for crossbreeding to increase milk production. Jerseys do amazingly well here. Brown Swiss basically don't exist here. The majority of dairies use a species of milking brahma that does quite well, especially when crossed with Holstein.

Where are you at that you have a tie stall? I never lived in a place that it made sense, climatically speaking, to run a tie stall.

4 days ago

No shame in liking  a beef breed, they can be a lot less work than dairy cows.

We're in the middle of Michigan with only 70 Holsteins - while we have tie stalls (built in the 60's), we do have a double 6 herringbone parlor (built and extended from a double 3 in the 90's), so we get the best of both worlds: we can see how well individual cows eat, but don't have to bend down twice a day to put milkers on everyone. 

You aren't going to see any new barns put up with tie stalls though when you can have a free stall barn (or a dry lot depending on where you're at) for a lot less effort while using rumination collars to see how individual cows are doing.

As far as the breeds, I can understand why you would like Jerseys and the crossbreds more... but I'll pitch you on our Holsteins, who have a bulk tank butterfat of 4.2 % most of the year (giving you some of that milk quality, they're not quite all A2A2 though) and are wonderfully tempered since we constantly are in the pens with them as heifers.

And I have to ask, have you ever fed a brown swiss calf? In my experience, at that young age, they are nothing more than the very essence of stubborn! 

Supporter3 days ago

The our Brown Swiss were always really even tempered. 

Yes their calves could be a little stubborn, but not as stubborn as dexter calves.

Holstiens clearly have their good points, but in my experience they tend to be more of a race car sort of breed. They are slightly higher maintance, and they are super cars when it comes to yield, but if something goes just a little wrong.... stuff can go south much quicker.

Your dairy is similar in size to the one I spent time on growing up, we milked 60-80 cows in a double three herringbone. We were mostly dry lot, though they got wheat pasture in the first part of the year.

When I moved to Central America, I had been doing some experimentation with moving away from feeding cattle, and playing with refining a good rotational grazing  system on the land available to me. I love feeding grass to ruminants, and it did reallly make the cattle market make more sense to me. Whenever I move back, I want to play more with that sort of thing.

3 days ago

Except for Jerseys being more prone to milk fever in my experience, I believe you are correct that Holsteins take more work - now if only everyone would switch to Jerseys so we wouldn't have surplus milk being dumped every year while having better components!

As for grass feeding, our cows have the opportunity to go out into a "pasture" (more of an exercise yard with grass) every year - video from a couple of years ago of them out on the first day we had the fence up: http://imgur.com/gallery/7PC1s7T

If you get the chance, you should check out holistic management. It's the practice they use up at the Michigan State Kellog biological station - it lets them pasture their (beef) cows from March through November every year. My understanding is it's about using cattle to help increase the soil organic matter, in addition to a couple of other things.


Edit: adding a video on holistic management https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=3i0Zikcl2ng

Supporter3 days ago

Yes, I'm very interested in holistic management. I have long been interested in the work of Savory and his disciples. In fact, the last book I read, just last week, was For the Love of the Land by Jim Howell who has long been involved in holistic management.

Yes, you are right about milk fever, but, it's amazing how soon a little IV can get them walking normally again. 

3 days ago

You got me there on the IV.

Glad to hear youknow about holistic management - you probably know more about it than me; I only learned about the practice a couple of years ago in a ruminant nutrition class. From what I learned of the practice, it will be a viable option for achieving the sustainability aspect of agriculture.

But, to bring the conversation full circle back to board games, the ideas that Uwe Rosenberg is exploring in #Hallertau make me wonder if he might go in that direction someday. It's amazing how excited I am to see crop rotation in a board game!


Supporter2 days ago

Way to bring it full circle. Practicing sustainable agriculture in a boardgame would get me excited. 

6 days ago

23 is a lot! I only frequently listen to/subscribe to 2. I'll occasionally listen to other pods if I'm looking for a review of a specific game but that's it.

6 days ago

Board Game Barrage is the one I listen to most often, though I'm subscribed to a few. Another good one not in this list is "Rolling Dice & Taking Names"

Supporter5 days ago

I've been talking with Kellen from Board Game Barrage. We're hoping to do some kind of collab work!

4 days ago

Oh that would be really cool!

5 days ago

Oh that's awesome! As I understand it, they're actually not too far from where I am, which is kinda fun I guess - maybe I can run into them at a convention or something in the future. They're LA-based and I'm in Orange County lol

Supporter6 days ago

Solosarus, although I'm still getting used to the new hosts. I really really liked Brandon and Carter. Time will tell with the new crew. I listen to others, including Dice Tower and SU&SD, but I'm not a regular. I'd say I'm listening about the same as previously, if not a little less.

Supporter6 days ago

Is this a recent change? I've listened to a few of them back when you and mentioned Solosaurus a few times. Did the hosts quit completely or is there a rotation? I liked the content and their voice was very soothing haha

Supporter6 days ago

This is a recent change. I'm worried, but I remain hopeful that it will work for the best. 

Supporter5 days ago

Interesting. Did they ever specify a reason? I guess I should check out how the new hosts are. It was fun listening to a podcast dedicated for solo gaming

Supporter4 days ago

It was just a season of life sort of thing. They had gotten to busy with other responsibilities. And, I'm guessing this year might have burned them out in other ways, 2020 has had that affect on a lot of people. 

19 hours ago

I like humor, pace, insight and being to the point. SUSD checks these boxes quite well.

Many fall short when it comes to pacing and being to the point. They seem to forget that if you only do audio, there are challenges for listeners to follow the train of thought.