House Rules for Games


I've noticed that some games are not as satisfying as they might be, and sometimes we come up with an idea that improves upon the original intention. This is the kind of information I'd like us to share here. To be clear in our descriptions I've made a list (below) that may help us be specific when responding:

  • My house rule was made to use with what game:
  • What you named your house rule, if youi did:
  • Why you made a house rule:
  • What your house rule changes:
  • What was the impact on your game experience?

If you try this rule or have any thoughts related to House Rules that may improve our experience, pleas let us know what you think!


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Premium User3 months ago

I don't if I'd exactly call it a house rule, but the last few games of #Dune we've played, I've set the round limit to 8 instead of 10. Out of the 3 times we set that rule, it only came into play once, as the other two games ended before we got to that point. This was mostly a rule made out of necessity - one of the guys had a hard time limit we had to stick to, and we just liked the length of the game, so we kept playing that way. There's no name for it, as it doesn't really require one.

Supporter4 months ago

My most used house rule is used with #Carcassonne.

We don't have a name for our rule.

I made the rule.

In Carcassone, the rules state that at the beginning of your turn you draw a tile, and place it. My rule states that you start with a "hand" of three tiles. On your turn, you place one of your tiles, and then you draw one. 

This has made planning to be a much more "sure thing." It has made the game more strategic, and it has made the game faster. You can study your hand on other peoples turn, and be ready to go when your turn comes.

Premium User3 months ago

My wife and I used this last time we played, only with a hand of 2, and I think we'll be using it from now on. It does speed the game up a little bit, and gives you a little more choice.

Supporter3 months ago

I'm glad it worked well for y'all.

4 months ago

My best/worst home rule all apply to #Risk: Legacy and deal with spoiler aspects of the game so I'm going to put it all in the spoiler tag so that people can read if they are intrested.  If you comment on this post, please put any game related comments in spoilers to keep the suspense for those who might play the game.

  • My house rule was made to use with what game: Risk Legacy
  • What you named your house rule, if you did: Death comes for us all
  • Why you made a house rule: When you use 3 missles in a single combat, you nuke one of the locations in the fight.  We nuked Great Britian which is an island and a lot of the event cards related to the nuked location involve terrorities connected by land.  
  • What your house rule changes: Since GB isn't connected by land to anything else, we decieded to create additional nuke locations anytime 3 missles were used.  
  • What was the impact on your game experience? It was both awesome and terrible.  We ended up with 11 additional nuked locations, which meant that almost a full 1/3 of the board ended up nuked by the end of the campaign.  Anytime anyone had an army of any decent size it got nuked.  Each nuked location was a benefit to the player playing the mutant faction so that faction became all powerful and almost unstoppable after the 2nd or 3rd round.  Even if the other 3 or 4 players tried to gang up on the mutant it didn't matter.  The non-mutant players had very limited movement options since moving into a nuked terrority cost you 1/2 of your troops and you lost one troop at the end of your turn.  It became  impossible to get continent bonus's.  It made the draft at the start of the game super important.  Resulted in a ton of memorable experiences. 
    We enjoyed the game so much that we bought a second copy to play without the house rule.

Premium User4 months ago

  • My house rule was made to use with what game: #Wingspan
  • What you named your house rule, if youi did: "Birdspam"
  • Why you made a house rule: We (Becky and I) thought the limitation of only having three birds to chose from created too many situations with not quite enough choices.
  • What your house rule changes: We add 3 additional birds to the "tray" allowing for six birds to chose from regularly.
  • What was the impact on your game experience? We've tried several other house rules and this is one of two ew stuck with.  The second was all players get to keep all their opening hand birds and food (thus getting engine going a little faster)

4 months ago

My house rule was made to use with what game: #Deception

What you named your house rule, if youi did: I don't have a name but I guess I would call it "Story Time"?

Why you made a house rule: With a bunch of people, it's really hard for the murderer to blend in when they can only see a few other people's cards. Rather than adjust difficulty with the number of cards, we decided the murderer should have a greater opportunity for clever play.

What your house rule changes: After handing out roles, all players share their cards with the rest of the table before the murderer chooses their set

What was the impact on your game experience? It definitely improves the suspense and the strength of arguments on the murderer's side, and it's fun to hear about some of the more ridiculous cards on the table. The downside is that the game length is extended by about a minute+ per person.