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Wingspan Solo: Still losing

Premium User

I played three games of #Wingspan this weekend (lost all three).  I have beaten the Automa at two lower level settings and have been attempting to master it at this highest setting.  No luck yet.  I formulated a nice strategy in my head but did not have the birds come out that fit my strategy.  I did ponder an interesting houserule that I haven't tried but thought I might see how it goes next play with people.

In #Everdell you have a "meadow" which is like an extension of everone's hand and players can play cards either from their hand OR from the meadow.  What I thought of was using the birds in the bird tray as both a place to draw OR a place from which players could play birds.  Having played the game multiple times I don't think the ability to play birds directly from the tray would break the game.  It seems like it might be an opportunity to see more turnover on the gametray, mitigate a little of the luck with bird draws, and offer another interactive piece in the game.

If you've played #Wingspan, what do you think about this idea (and if you try it out I'd like to see some comments on how that worked out)?

Also, if you've played against the hard automa, what has been your experience as far as winning and scoring? 

I generally find I can score between 70 and 85 points with 85 being a decently good game.  It's often challenging to beat the automa to end-of-round goals and while I have tried to score a lot of points without winning those goals I find it hard to do so.

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Premium User5 months ago

Finally got that alternative playthrough uploaded ( )

I did another run through today with the same rules and a couple extras.  I added keeping all drafted cards AND food at the beginning of the game AND when a bird has a "roll all the dice not in the feeder" power the player may "roll all the dice either in the dice feeder OR outside the dice feeder".  Both of these remove the immediacy of needing food or cards at the start of the game AND hunting birds get to pick their hunting ground before they hunt.

Supporter5 months ago

That sounds like a satisfying loss. I do like when an AI does scale in difficulty like that. 

5 months ago

Hmm I'm not sure what to think about that idea. It does of course devalue the "Draw Bird Cards" action, which might change your strategy a bit, but as you say, I don't think it would break the game.

Premium User5 months ago

I'm not so sure. Since you can blind draw I think it only changes the strategy. Drawing can become a 'reserve a card' strategy or simply give a player with birds in the wetlands more control over what's available to others. It might allow for a greater 'gotcha' aspect which I do think goes against the spirit of the game in general. If I get a chance to video a playthrough of using this strategy I'll post it. 🙂

5 months ago

But yes please! I'd be interested to see some gameplay and hear your thoughts on the tweaks.

5 months ago

I don't see how it wouldn't devalue the drawing action - if I can play a card sooner without having to take an action to get cards, I'll try to do that as often as possible.

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