Spire's End Playthrough - Chapter Five & Six


Full playthrough of Spire's End Chapter Five and Six. A playthrough of the fifth and sixth chapter from the very first card in the chapter until the end of Spire's End. Time stamps in the video to skip around based on the card. Enjoy!

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/G4VBEgBBNjc

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Owner41 days ago

What did you think of it? The theme looks too intense for me but the art and aethsetics of it look really nice. Is the gameplay good?

41 days ago

Hi Trent! :D I've really, really enjoyed the game. Everything is very clean and minimalistic from an art and graphic design standpoint, and that also applies to the gameplay itself.

It's a choose your own adventure game with a lot of combat that happens as the story progresses. The combat is really the meat of the game. It has a push your luck mechanic where you have to spend you character's health to then perform an attack action, roll a die to then see the result of the action you selected. The more health you spend, the more powerful and more likely the attack you chose will land. 

Since you're spending your actual health to attack, pretty much every combat I've had is very tight and feels as if one good or bad roll can swing the outcome of what happens. Low rolls are deflating, high rolls are like ecstasy. Everytime I play it's like an emotional rollercoaster :) 

Lastly, if you're curious, I counted the cards at the end of this playthrough and I expereinced about 60 of 110 cards. I was surprised there was so much I didn't see. There's also about 15 different endings from what I understand. 

Thanks for asking!

Kevin :)

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