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Game Design in the Works, Players Wanted!

Game Design

Hi friends! I'm entering a roll and write game design competition on BGG and my game is ready for public eyes. It's called Roll in the Dungeon and it's a game where players roll to gain mana, spend mana points to learn spells, and fight monsters, bosses, and even each other. It plays solo, co-op (2 player), and 1 vs. 1 in Duel mode.

At this point, solo is the most polished, but the other variants should still be enjoyable and ready for playtesters. If anyone would want to give it a go, I would love to hear your thoughts, whether it's here on this post, as comments on the Google files, or on my BGG entry thread (see below).

Let me know if you played and what you think! Thanks!!!

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Supporter2 months ago

I'm not huge for Roll and Writes. But I'll see if I can get this one to the table. I wish you good fortune in the competition. 

Owner2 months ago

This is awesome! Hope you win it all and everyone here can help promote your game :)

2 months ago

This is my first roll and write so I'm really not planning on winning haha But, I love contests in that they help motivate me to actually design something. But, of course, I would be overjoyed to win haha

Premium User2 months ago

Cool! I'll try to give this a go sometime. Just have to use my printer at work haha

2 months ago

Thanks! Good luck not getting caught using the work printer haha

2 months ago

This is awesome! I love to see this! I'll try to get this played over the long weekend. Congrats and good luck in the contest!

2 months ago

Thanks! If you do get a chance to play it, that would be awesome! But if not, I hope you get in some good gaming anyway!

2 months ago