Terra Mystica in about 3 minutes - YouTube

Today's recap is the classic heavy weight Euro game, Terra Mystica! I've already covered Gaia project, its sibling game, how does Terra Mystica stack up? And how do i feel about darklings?

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Owner11 months ago

Have you played #Clans of Caledonia? If you have, which do you prefer?

11 months ago

No sorry, have not

11 months ago

I’d be interested in knowing what your thoughts are on the new Boats expansion.   I’ve heard good play mechanics comments but a lot of peeps have ridiculed the poor quality components and the fact it doesn’t supply for a full five player count game.

11 months ago

That may be a while. The game i reviewed was Sams copy (Designer of the west kingdom games), and i dropped it back to him via his back door step (we are in lockdown, so didn't actually get to spend any time with him). He just got the boats expansion, but it was before i borrowed it. So we will play after the lock down is over. 

Premium User11 months ago

Are darklings one of the factions?

11 months ago

Yeah, one of the very easy to play, quite powerful ones. They are very hard to counter and are very strong with a straight forward play style. 

Premium User11 months ago

Ah, that does sound annoying

Supporter11 months ago

I really would like to try this sometime. 

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