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BGA Feature #42 Pricing Updates (You may have seen some bugs)


I'm working through upgrading the pricing system right now to accurate show the "lowest price" number without it being linked to a used game. It's part of changing out some of our old functionality so that by next week, I'll have board game atlas and board game prices synced up with the store listings and get them to be even more up to date and accurate!

You may have seen some "lowest price" notifications like I did and was disappointed to see that it wasn't true. I'm sorry for that but hopefully you can get through the disappointment knowing that the entire system will be more robust going forward.

I'll also be working on a better automated testing infrastructure so that I can avoid missing things like that in the future. However some of the issues from this morning would have been very difficult to catch. Oh well. Good things to learn!

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9 months ago

Nice! Definitely a good and necessary upgrade. Thanks for your work Trent!

Supporter9 months ago

Great. So glad to hear this. 

9 months ago

Sounds great!

Supporter9 months ago


Owner9 months ago

Great, thanks for getting to these! I almost never really relied on the price alerts so I hope to see some improvements :)

It was probably a good thing they didn't work for me though.

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