What did you play this week?

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Supporter14 months ago

This week I played CoimbraGaia Project, and Railways of the World (10th Anniversary Edition)

It’s my second time playing Coimbra and I enjoyed it for the different dice usage but I don’t think it is going to replace Brass: Birmingham as my favourite strategy game anytime soon. It’ll stay on my shelf though. 

It was also my second time playing Gaia Project and I have to say that it is really growing on me. I managed to pull off my “grand plan” this game and tied for first. 

It it was my first time playing Railways and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I lost by a few points because I was a bit late seeing the end of the game coming and didn’t make a couple of big deliveries I had on board. That dynamic of building out vs making deliveries vs waiting too long and getting the game ended on you is worth another few games for sure!

Owner14 months ago

Played Santorini with 4 players! I like chess and am decent at it, but 4 players is honestly way too chaotic for me. Especially with the complex god powers, where a heavily restrictive god power's passive is on both of the opponents' workers, it was too much to track of the limitations in movement haha

14 months ago

I played more that I normally do, which was great! I played a 6 player game of Captain Sonar, a 3 player game of Tigris and Euphrates, and a 3 player game of Azul. Captain Sonar was alright, it felt very limiting and it kinda dragged on. Tigris & Euphrates was great, it took me probably 30 minutes wrap my mind around the strategy, but it was too late and I lost, not as bad it could have been though! And Azul is just a great thinky filler, I have played a ton so I won that one :)

14 months ago

I absolutely love Captain Sonar! But, I think you do have to play with the right group. If some are off their game or kind of slogging through it, it does tend to be a drag. And, I'm also a huge fan of real-time games, so I may be slightly biased :) 

14 months ago

I enjoyed the concept and the mechanics of the game, it felt like there was about 2 minutes of tension in an hour long game because we were always just so far away from the other submarine. It was fun real-time, would be a drag turn to turn though. 

14 months ago

Yeah, I've never done it turn-by-turn, nor would I care to. I've had a game or two of Captain Sonar where the tension was rather dull because of the reason you mentioned, so I totally get that. 

14 months ago

I would be willing to give it another shot, but I would not rush to get it to the table!

14 months ago

This week we played two games of Carnival of Monsters and one of Point Salad.

Carnival of Monsters is an interesting drafting game designed by the same guy who does Magic: The Gathering, and there were lots of similarities, although it did play quite differently. In all, I liked it as a good, solid game, but probably will never become a favorite :)