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Do you ever look for games to add to your wishlist?


Obviously games that we put on our wishlist, are games that we would like to have in our collection, or at least we think we would. In other words, the wishlist is invaribly a bit of a projection of what we would wish to add, perhaps what we think is missing from our collection. 

So, I guess my question is, how planned are our collections? Or do they just grow organically? If your collection is planned, be it for theme, variety, designer, etc....., Then do you ever look for games to add to your wishlist?

Let me explain my situation to illustrate what I mean. If one looks at my collection, one might consider it fairly unbalanced, and indeed, I do think it has some pretty big holes in it. But, I do plan my collection, and the specific way I plan my collection is for variety. I want my collection to reflect a variety of designers, publishers, themes, mechanisms, game length, etc.... But most especially I seek to have a variety in game styles. For instance, I wanted at least one 18xx game. I did a lot of research, and eventually found #1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties, this was a 18xx game that looked great and had a solo mode. I did some research to it, added it to my wishlist, and later acquired it in a GAW win. I wanted a COIN game, eventually added several to my wishlist, and later acquired #Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain. I wanted heavy euros to be represented, #Gaia Project was added to my wishlist, and later acqired...... There are a number of varieties of games that I want to add to my collection, and so, I actively seek games that I think I would like, and that would represent different categories in my collection.

Of course, there is a lot of stuff that I have added that which doesn't fill any new holes in my collection. There is stuff I just add because I want it, even if it is similar to something that I already have. I am not bound by the need to have variety, but I do have the desire, and plan to end up with a very diverse collection. And I seek games that add diversity.

So, there is a overarching question about how you do collection planning? or of you do collection planning. But the more specific question is, do you ever seek games to add to your wishlist? 

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4 months ago

I would say no, outside not adding a game of its too similar to a game I already own. Beyond that, my approach is if I think I'll like the game and it will get played, it's fair game.

Supporter4 months ago

All of the above.

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