What did you play this week? (9/27/2021)

(9/27/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Moderator Level 110 days ago

Had a good game night-first one with our new exchange student from Italy.

Two games of #Istanbul: The Dice Game, which I won both.

Two games of #King of Tokyo, in which our exchange student won the second game for his first win.

Also played #Kingdom Builder on BGA with some others from here. 

Premium User19 days ago

Good week with a mix of board game arena, TTS, and in person games!

  • #Viticulture: Essential Edition (BGA): Really close game where I came in second by 1 point.  I thought I'd had enough pushing past 20 but someone managed to just beat me out.  I am starting to see how the visitor cards can really skew the game which is the common complaint about this one.  Luckily I have the two visitor expansions for the game in real life.
  • #The Castles of Burgundy (BGA): Playing quite a few games of this one and still enjoying it!  I'm not always winning but I am usually competitive now.  
  • #Cacao (BGA): I enjoy this tile laying game and it works well on BGA for me.  I definitely find it can be hit or miss as to how you do.  There are some key tiles and if you rarely get chances at them it can be hard to win in a tight game. 
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS): Played against Nebula last week.  It was a looooong game but we managed to beat her after some close calls.  I know people complain about the difficulty of this set and it is definitely a jump up from previous entries.  But on the other hand it forces you to tweak your decks which is part of this style of game.  Mind you, we only played it on standard so expert is likely going in to "not fun" territory for the level my group plays at.  
  • #Kingdom Builder (BGA): Another game done.  It's a fun game online although I think I've had enough of it for a while now.
  • #The Voyages of Marco Polo (BGA): Second time playing this one.  We tossed it up there with my regular friends group and I admit to not fully reading the rules as we went through it.  I had a decent game but misinterpreted some of the scoring and lost in the end.  Not my favourite game but nice for something new.
  • #The Search for Planet X (in person!): Probably my favourite deduction game.  I had a decent game but two players managed to get X before I did.  It's a great game though and you can usually point to your own mistakes and "logical" deductions for the result you get.
  • #Awkward Guests (in person): It was my first time playing this one and I quite enjoyed it.  I made a logical error about half way through the game which put me off track but still enjoyed it.  This deduction game has a bit more of a game to it with the trading of clues etc.  Well worth a try.
  • #Witness (in person): More or less a fancy game of telephone.  It's not really my type of game but was fun enough.  Better to start the evening when the brain is fresh.  

Good week!

Premium User19 days ago

I think I'm with you on Kingdom Builder. Fun game but to me the decisions aren't interesting enough to hold up to many more plays. It could be more interesting if you had more than one choice of terrain per turn, but of course that could lead to some AP.

Premium User19 days ago

Yeah.  I mean, I like it for a fluffy bit of gameplay and there is some strategy to it but you are really beholden to the cards.  Getting desert 3 times in a row and unable to get any location tiles that could help me branch out for example was a big gg for me.

On the other hand, it is sometimes nice to just pop in a game where you just do your best with what the game gives you.  I'll still play it now and then I am sure.

I wonder if the many, many expansions gets it to a sweet spot?

Premium User19 days ago

Haha maybe, I don't know what any of the expansions do

19 days ago

1 Game of #The Voyages of Marco Polo @ 3 players

1 Game of #The Quacks of Quedlinburg w/ #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion @ 3 players - taught to 2 new members of my one game group

4 games of #APEX Theropod Deck Building Game: Collected Edition solo - got destroyed in 3 of the 4 games.  Upped the difficulity of both my Apex predator as well as the boss I was going against. 

Premium User19 days ago

Still haven't opened my copy of#Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan. Gotta get some of these unplayed games to the table eventually lol

19 days ago

Been playing a lot of Marco Polo on BGA - really interested in seeing how much difference there is between the two versions.  My BIL got Marco Polo as his 9th anniversary gift since year 9 is China and I suggestetd it to his wife as a good game that kinda fit the theme. 

Now I am going to 3d print him new larger camel, pepper, silk and gold pieces since the original components are way to similiar in size and a nice insert to help get the game to the table more frequently.

Premium User19 days ago

Oh man how do you like Apex? I remember seeing that and thinking it looked awesome. Have you played with another person in addition to the solo game?

19 days ago

Its awesome as a solo experience.  I would rate it a very solid 8.5 or 9 out of 10 solo.  I can usually get a solo game in from setup to game completion over in approx 45-60 min.  then play a 2nd game while its still set up ;) I usually just grab a new set of like 7 cards to switch out the environment cards, re-sort my starting deck from my apex deck and away I go.

While very thematic, the multi-player experience based on game mechanics it can be a very frustrating multi-player game.  Because the trail head isn't static and it refreshes at the start of your turn its possible that there is nothing in it for you to hunt; thus limiting your ability to get your upgraded apex cards.  This wouldn't a problem (or much of one) in a 30 - 45 min game but a 3 player game will take appox 2 hours and that's just too long for someone to have a less than ideal experience. 

Premium User19 days ago

Sounds like solo is the way to play, then! In terms of theme, this dinosaur game appeals to me much more than any of the "dinos and humans coexisting / totally not Jurassic Park" style games.

19 days ago

For solo i would agree.  For multiplayer I really like #Dinosaur Island and would happly  play that any time. While Dino Island does have a solo, it isn't nearly as fun as the solo experience as Apex, especially since both solo's take roughly the same time to set up.

Partner17 days ago

Another great week of live and online gaming....ask me anything!

Started a campaign of an older game I always wanted to own and got in trade recently -- #Mice and Mystics - we played through the first two scenarios!

We love playing Disney themed games in the Gumbo, and got Eric Lang's #Disney Sidekicks on sale at Target. It's sort of a take off of the Pandemic "save the world before it falls apart" mechanic, with Disney theming. One cool factor is the interesting character upgrades that appear randomly each game. 

#Furnace has a cool lineage -- it's from the designer of #Smartphone Inc. and the developer of #Aquatica two of our most favorite euro games the past couple of years!  Does Furnace hold up? 

#ArchRavels okay this one surprised me greatly! I thought it was going to be all production, no gameplay, but instead it had a nice breezy experience that sort of, kind of, reminded me of #On the Rocks a bit. 

#Camp Pinetop We played this way back when in prototype form when it was on Kickstarter and the designer stopped by Gumbo Live!  I thought it was very challenging and puzzly back then. Has my thoughts changed? 

#Holi: Festival of Colors holy heck is this a hoot -- I can't explain why, but the third reel of this game was just some of the most fun I've played playing a silly little strategy game in a while. Not something I need to own, but I won't turn down a play of this little gem. 

That's the highlights from a big 10 days of gaming! 

Premium User19 days ago

Good week for me last week. Got in a lot of plays both online and in real life lol.

#The Castles of Burgundy - Finished up a couple games of this with a bunch of people on here. Came in last in one very close game against and  and FINALLY won a game against and . Love this game!

#Kahuna - already talked about inviting me to play this one on BGA. After reading the rules, I immediately knew it was going to be super cutthroat lol. He beat me pretty badly, but I still really enjoyed myself trying to figure out a way to make it not look so bad haha. I told a friend of mine about it and we played a game together on there too. I lost yet again, by more than my first play. Definitely not something Sarah would like so there's no way I'd ever be stupid enough to buy it haha.

#Kingdom Builder - Played this on BGA too as a couple other members have mentioned. I really suck at this game...that's about all I have to say about it..didn't get last though!

#Medina (second edition) - Was able to buy a copy of this and spent way too much time cleaning mold off all the pieces lol. Got my brother to play with me and it was just as hilarious to me in person as it was during my plays on BGA. I have no idea why this game makes me laugh, but it does. The fun we had was almost snatched away from me when I dropped one of the palace pieces on the floor and my brother's dog grabbed a hold of it. The crunching noise thankfully sounded way worse than the damage ended up being. Just have an orange palace piece now with a couple of bite marks lol.

#Project L - One of my previously unplayed games that I was able to break out with my brother. This moved suprisingly quick and was a lot of fun. Looking forward to playing more.

#Targi - Yet another previously unplayed game I suckered my brother into playing with me. I really have enjoyed my few plays of this on BGA, but in the physical form, I found it slightly less enjoyable. I think it has something to do with remembering to replace the cards after you take the resources from them. Maybe I'm just lazy or forgetful or both lol.

#Wingspan - My older brother was up this weekend for a family event and was willing to try a game with us. Of course Sarah and I had to introduce him to our favorite game. We played with the #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion which I feel really adds a lot to the game. He did pretty well for his first time playing and I think had we had more time to play again, he would have done a lot better. As a side note, this was our last play of this for our 10x5 challenge, though I'm positive we'll keep playing it throughout the year.

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - My meetup group had their first "heavy gaming" all day board gaming event in quite some time yesterday which I was really happy about. A guy in the group brought this and had never played so I taught it to both him and Sarah. There were a couple of minor things I realized we were doing wrong, most notably not sliding the artifact and item cards down between rounds. Still had a good time playing though. Took a bit longer than expected with Sarah getting some AP. She still said she liked it and would be down to play more. Good thing too since I own it haha.

#Barrage - We really tried to convince someone else to play this with us yesterday so we could get in a 3 or 4 player game. The hope was that I would get blocked at every turn and absolutely hate the experience. However, as it were, no one bit so we just played again at 2. Sarah tried desperately to get in my way but to no avail. I think instead it just set her back a turn or two which definitely didn't help her do well. She hates this so much that I think I'll have to get rid of it when our challenge is over whether I really want to or not...

Partner17 days ago

You deserved that win! You were scoring points all over the place, and I could never get any kind of strat going. Nice job! 

Premium User18 days ago

That was one of my best castles games I think and I still just barely won.  I love the game too!

Premium User18 days ago

Yeah you did really well! 

Premium User18 days ago

Nice! Cool that Sarah enjoyed Arnak. My wife and I are both really enjoying that one! I even tried to play it tonight but she was a bit too tired for a game haha

Premium User18 days ago

Haha next time I'm sure :P

Premium User18 days ago

Hope so! It's been a few weeks since we played and I want to play it haha

Premium User19 days ago

Finished up a bunch of online games and got to play several games in person as well!

  • Online:
    • #The Castles of Burgundy @ 4p - super close game, I finished a close 2nd to ...he beat me by 1 point!
    • #Viticulture: Essential Edition @ 6p
    • #Kahuna @ 2p w/ - wanted to try this out and he obliged me. Super fun but very "in your face" 2 player area control game. The rules are very simple but I can see plenty of room for strategy in this one. I was able to determine that I like the game but my wife would not, so I don't need to buy it, haha
    • #Kingdom Builder @ 4p - ended up winning this time
  • In Person:
    • #War Chest 2x @ 2p - split these games with my friend. Love this game as always.
    • #Photosynthesis 1x @ 4p - my 2nd time playing this game, and first time playing at 4 players. The board gets full much more quickly! I like this game.
    • #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef @ 4p - we didn't get to finish this game, only got through 2 of 4 rounds. I like this game but don't love it. I think I've pretty much determined that dice combat is really not my jam.
    • #Spirit Island 2x @ 2p - friend and I tried all of the more complex spirits in the base box. We lost our first game pretty badly (I played A Spread of Rampant Green, he played Thunderspeaker), but won a Fear victory in the 2nd game (I played Ocean's Hungry Grasp, he played Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares). Loving this game! We've tried all the spirits at this point, but still have barely scratched the surface as we haven't used the blight cards yet, nor the adversary identities nor scenarios. And that is all just the base box! I am sure I'll end up getting the expansions at some point as well.

Premium User19 days ago

Wow big week!

Despite my losing efforts, I enjoyed#Kahuna quite a bit. I even played it later in the week with another one of my friends. Lost that one too, but more on that later when I make my own post in this thread lol.

Really jealous of you getting to play#Spirit Island. Sarah actually came with me to a meetup event yesterday and one of the guys we know said they are now bitter enemies because she doesn't like it lol. There's a small glimmer of hope I'll get to play at the next weekend meetup in 3 weeks

Premium User19 days ago

Haha, nice! Yeah Kahuna seems like a great one to play online even if I never end up buying it. Plays quick, very readable board state, and fun!

Nice lol. My wife played once with me and said she enjoyed it and would be interested in playing again, so fingers crossed that she does!

Premium User19 days ago

I had a ton of bonus points from tech in that game.  Good thing I did!


Premium User19 days ago

Tech is the yellow tiles, yeah?

Premium User19 days ago

Yup!  I think I picked the map where the middle castle is surrounded by tech which forced me to explore tech tiles.  I typically tend to ignore them otherwise so it was a good way to get more familiar with them.

Premium User19 days ago

Nice, well it definitely worked out for you! Unfortunately I picked one up near the end of the game to fill out a region that I don't think actually got me any points, so that was a bust. 

Premium User19 days ago

The later you fill them the fewer points you get.