Reaction icons for the forum - taking suggestions!


Now that the basic reaction icons are done, I'm working on ones you'll be able to give out by paying a small amount of gold coins. So far, there's a victory point icon and a gold trophy icon. What are some other icons that you think will be a great way to show some appreciation and support for other users?

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Supporter8 months ago

Remember in the 80's and 90's when every board game commercial had a kid yelling "I win!".  We need a reaction like that.

Owner8 months ago

I agree!

Premium User8 months ago

'Positivity'? for when people are being positive, especially kind or nice.

Premium User8 months ago

You still have the fire reaction too, right? The Phil and Trent emojis should definitely cost gold coins lol.

Supporter8 months ago

Oooo the Phil and Trent ones sound amazing. 

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