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Describe Your Favorite Board Game in the Worst Way Possible

Premium User

I was thinking about how funny it would be to describe our favorite games in the worst way possible and having other people try to guess what games we're talking about based on those horrible descriptions! For example, Castles of Burgundy topped my list of top 25. To describe this game in the worst way possible, I could say "a game about placing hexagonal tiles to score victory points." Of course, I suppose this could describe any number of dry euros lol

So let me guess your favorite games...How could you describe your favorite game while making it sound way worse than it actually is?

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4 months ago

Hide and seek in space where millions die and terrorists are the good guys.

Premium User4 months ago

Hahaha definitely#Star Wars: Rebellion! A bit unfair since you tried selling me hard on it when I won the weekly challenge :)

4 months ago

indeed :D I'll try another one:

While the actions of the 2 players before you make planning nearly impossible, you still feel proud when your meager board of colorful tiles eventually gives you the most points. It was over before you knew it and you admit you only play it to play because the tiles feel awesome when they move through your hands.


Premium User4 months ago

! concur with #Azul

4 months ago

correct! :)

Premium User4 months ago


4 months ago

jup :D

4 months ago

Fun idea! This one is easy, but...

  • eat fish

Partner4 months ago

Hey, that's my fish?

4 months ago

Haha nope, OP already got it. #Oceans

Guess it wasn't as easy as I thought. Didn't realize how many fish games there are!

Premium User4 months ago

 missed opportunity to reply with#Go Fish!

4 months ago

Premium User4 months ago

Haha!#Out Of The Box Fish Eat Fish?! Just kidding, obviously#Oceans ;P

Speaking of which..After watching Radho's runthrough I definitely see what you mean about it being less brutal! I threw it on my wishlist..fishlist? I don't know

4 months ago

Haha, awesome! lol fishlist

Yeah I think Rahdo's runthrough gives a pretty good feel for it. He makes one mistake consistently that's noted in the captions and comments, but it doesn't do anything to give a wrong impression - he just forgot about a card's ability.

Premium User4 months ago

Yeah I noticed that but I'm used to that with his runthroughs lol

4 months ago

thankful for the captions lol

4 months ago

Game 1: A game in which you race around a random generated map to complete objectives while stabbing your friends in the back (figuratively of course). 

Game 2: A game in which you place a worker to take either a single or group of actions while completing objectives and attempting to ruin your friends plans. 

Hmmmm...I"m noticing a theme with some of my favorite games ;)

Premium User4 months ago

Game 1 sounds like#The Quest for El Dorado to me

Game 2 could be any worker placement game with blocking really lol 

4 months ago

Game 1 is not El Dorado, while it has blocking, this game involves moving an AI to interact with your opponents in a negative manner.

Game 2 is related to an IP.

Premium User4 months ago

Hmm now you have me thinking 1 is#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure? I clearly haven't played enough games for this lol

2 still has me stumped but I admittedly don't play many games with IPs other than Marvel. So I'm just going to guess#A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition.

Probably need's help with this one :)

3 months ago

Realized I never answered this post when I saw today's GIF post.

Game 1: #Wasteland Express Delivery Service

Game 2: #The Godfather: Corleone's Empire

Premium User3 months ago

Oh yeah would have never guessed those haha

37 days ago

I'll give you two.

1. A game where you draw and place a square tile and then decide if you want to place your piece on it to score point later.

2. A game where you flip a card then write down a number on your sheet and take a special action to score points.

Premium User36 days ago

Throwback post! I like it. #Carcassonne and#Welcome to...?

36 days ago

Yep! You got it.

3 months ago

Concordia - "Worship various gods through the gradual, painstaking process of trading in the Mediterranean."

Premium User3 months ago

Nice one, but are you sure you don't mean #Genoa or any other "trading in the Mediterranean" game? LOL

Owner3 months ago

Game 1: The king hired a bunch of amateurs to decorate his palace with holes everywhere.

Game 2: You move up on a track, you get stuff. Rinse and repeat. 

Game 3: World is ending and you just roll some dice to make it all better.

Game 4: You're too thin to work around here. Eat some more.

Game 5: You are a god among men. You use your supernatural powers to manipulate your workers and make lots of riches and lavishly spend them to travel around the world. 

Supporter3 months ago

2 - #Tapestry ?

Owner3 months ago

Yup hahaha I should've known that you'd get it