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Possible bug.


So for most or all of this week I have not been receiving notifications for anything in my email inbox.

I have been subscribed to email notifications since I first signed up.

As far as I know nothing has changed with my email, and I have looked in spam and not found my notifications there.

So, my question is this, has anybody else experienced this lately? or am I the only one?

I am not 100% sure that this is a bug. It may be a problem on my end, but if it is, than I haven't found the problem yet.

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Supporter4 months ago

Chris I've noticed significantly less email notifications as well. 

Supporter4 months ago

I just got a price alert, so it is working for me at the moment.
I only met with an other issues, when I am going to my messages I do not see some of the people I started a conversation with in the list.

Owner4 months ago

Thanks for bringing this up! I did some server upgrades last week and missed something in there. It's now working.

4 months ago

Good work!

Supporter4 months ago

Can confirm, I've definitely gotten a few notifications since. 

Supporter4 months ago

Awesome. Thanks, glad to hear it.

Supporter4 months ago

I had had the same problem.  Thanks for posting this as it looks like took care of it and I'm getting them again.  And thanks for fixing it.

Premium User4 months ago

Yep same here no email notifications probably about a week now 

4 months ago

Yeah I've been experiencing it as well. I reported it to already and he's on it.

Supporter4 months ago

Excellent. Glad to hear it. 

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