What did you play this week?

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Supporter17 months ago

Had another week where I got two game sessions in.  The games we played were:

Champions and Kingdomino were ones I've played before.  The ground quite enjoyed them both. 

Despite the luck factor I always find that Champions ends up pretty close in the end.  Luck evens out over the game and there is enough luck mitigation to help out as well.  Very much enjoy it.

Kingdomino is just a good bit of fun in a tight little package.  I like tile laying/landscape creating games in general and this one gives you that feeling in a short play time.  With age of giants you can even toss in a bit more take that/strategy if you want it.  (Okanagan might be my favourite in this genre right now.)

Glass Road and Arkwright were new for me. 

The resource/production dial in Glass Road was pretty neat!  It adds a bit of different thinking to the game.  Overall though I'm not sure if it raised the core game play passed "fine/good" territory for me.   The dial is cool.  But the overall game isn't something that blew me away.  I'd play it again though and I'm glad I tried it.

Arkwright.  Wow super interesting game.  It's definitely earned its heavy reputation and we made several mistakes playing it.  (Considering there is something like 3 manuals for it I think we can be forgiven.)  In the end the mistakes must have evened out because we were all within 50 points of each other.  (~550, ~500, ~450)   

Every action taken has an impact on future actions both for yourself and everyone else.  Only the last person in a turn has any surety around what is going to sell for the product being looked at.   (Even then the calculation around who gets to sell what is complicated and hard to do on the fly.)

We were all still thinking about it and talking about it afterwards which is a great sign.  I would love to play it again!