Nine Easy Ways to Make Chess Fun - Shut Up and Sit Down

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2 months ago

I hate to be *that guy* as I know this is all in good humour, but it really irks me that chess is such a punching bag in the board game community. As a devoted chess player and tabletop hobbyist I wish the two communities could co-exist peacefully without so many shots being fired all the time!

Chess is a rabbit hole that satisfies my brain in a way that no other board game does. It's dry, requires an immense amount of effort and study (to understand its nuances), is complex and can be crushing at times. But it's also rewarding and beautiful and satisfying and FUN to those who persevere. It's a skill ceiling that never stops rising and is infinitely challenging in that sense. 

In my experience, chess players don't look down on or talk badly about other games so I don't understand why so much heat always comes back the other way.

2 months ago

I agree. I'm not crazy about chess, but I have a lot of respect for the game and the community that it's generated. I wonder if part of the issue is people getting trounced by someone much more experienced at the game, and then claiming the game is "not fun" simply because they didn't like the feeling of losing. I can certainly empathize with that - when I was in middle school and very inexperienced at chess, my friend, who had previously played in chess tournaments, decided to show me how much he knew by using the 4-move checkmate on me. It felt bad and I never wanted to play him again.

So maybe the issue is that because chess is looked at as a "smart person game," it's easy for someone to feel dumb after losing.

2 months ago

You might be taking that a bit too personal.

I agree that chess might be too archaic for many these days but to designers it is a ultra-elegant example of "emergent depth". simple elegant rules that generate so-much-depth. 

The more we take something seriously, the more margin there is to throw punches at it.
Not exactly by the same people practicing the respect but that is how many "institutions" work.

People who have played chess and felt the challenge of the branching possible futures does to you, laugh with chess because they feel that chess laughs down on THEM. Chess is above me. its elegance, its brutal ability to point out we're such limited creatures, it's devious disguise...Playing it with 2 players is not about who wins but about who gets slain by chess...with the winning player as chess' little assistant :)


Premium User2 months ago

Agreed. There's definitely an aspect of the game where you are made to feel dumb for not seeing something so obvious in front of you. I don't feel I look down at chess as much as I would simply prefer to play just about any other game (sans #Monopoly lol). Mainly because (as with Monopoly) Chess just takes entirely too long and I don't think I get enjoyment out of it playing with people that aren't at my exact experience level. It's no fun to beat someone by a wide margin as it is similarly no fun to get beat down by someone much more experienced than you. 

2 months ago

Haha, not sure I will ever try any of these but am glad to know they exist

Supporter2 months ago

Some of these look fun, but, let's be honest, I will probably never try them. 

Premium User2 months ago

Step 1: stop playing chess lol

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