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Why do you use Board Game Atlas or Board Game Prices?

Game Prices(15 votes) 37%
Game Information(3 votes) 7%
See Trending or Popular Games(4 votes) 10%
Community Discussion(12 votes) 29%
Game Ratings and Reviews(1 vote) 2%
Price Alerts(0 votes) 0%
Play Logs(1 vote) 2%
See Kickstarters(2 votes) 5%
UI(3 votes) 7%

41 votes

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2 months ago

I came here first for game prices, then became involved in the community.  I don't visit very often (maybe once a month) to comment or read comments, but I have enjoyed the interaction with others. I wouldn't mind an easy way to find answers on game rules, though. Sometimes when playing a new game we've had questions on how to interprete a rule and looking in the extensive forums on BGG can take a long time and not get an answer.

Premium User2 months ago

First and foremost for me is the community aspect. I've thoroughly enjoyed my conversations on BGA and that's what keeps me coming back. And then of course there's discovering new games through the conversations and forum posts...not like I need any lol.

2 months ago

I'm looking forward to UK prices being available eventually. 

I think BGG is way too cluttered and full of irrelevant crap. I like that the features and interface here are clean and minimal. It's been fun chatting to people and I hope to see the community grow in size.

2 months ago

I feel similarly as you regarding BGG.  It's handy for its database since it's been around for so long, and for the game specific forums, but I definitely prefer this site's design and approach to a board gaming site.  The currently smaller size of the community here is preferable to me as well; just good interactions here among a smaller group.  I think this site's members have set a good precedent of community interaction for its continued growth.

I found BGA through using board game prices, so I like the price tracking and alerts, play logs, community discussion, and UI.  The UI for the forum makes it a little hard to sift through or find threads beyond the most recent threads, but I do like the tagging system and think it's a more powerful way to structure sets of threads.  I also think the section on each game page showing posts that reference that game is very cool.

Supporter2 months ago

A clear number one for me is the community. I have really enjoyed interacting with y'all here.

A second is game prices.

Thirdly is play logs.


I still primarily use BGG/independent reviewers for board game information. I think that BGA can get to where BGG is, in terms of information, in fact, it has passed it up in some stuff, but it's not quite caught up to bgg yet in terms of sheer volume of useful game information.

2 months ago

I would like to have voted for 3 of the options:

  • Game Prices
  • Community discussion
  • Price alerts

Because it still has the huge advantage in userbase, I still rely on BGG for the most part for game information, specifically game ratings, weight ratings, and player count ratings. I hope that BGA can be a good source for that info as more people use it.

2 months ago

I voted for Game discussion because that is what has kept me here but I do utilize pricing info and price alerts as well. That's what got me here in the first place!