Accredited Critics Directory Page Now Live - Find Your Favorites


With new reviews being added to Board Game Atlas every day from some of the board game community's top reviewers, it is time for an additional way for you to find those people and publications.

You can now head on over to the above critic page to see all the accredited critics that have been admitted into the program!!

Find out more info and follow your favorites. If you follow a critic, you can see a feed of activity from only those people and you will also get notifications when they post new content! Give it shot!!

As always, go to any game page to see all accredited reviews currently logged for that game.


YOUR FEEDBACK: Let us know what will be most helpful for you in the future. We are added things to better help the community find content from the most relevant critics and content creators. And have the reviews been helpful so far? Are you discovering new content that helps you connect with games you love? We would appreciate hearing from you.

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21 months ago

Expand! I would love to see more content creators too so I could just come here and see what everyone is up to instead of sifting through Twitter or Facebook.

20 months ago

I am with you, the most helpful thing is not the score but being able to go to a game page and seeing all the content creators who talked about it with their thoughts organized for me to go from.

20 months ago

It is great to hear that is helpful. Thanks!

20 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. Consider it done! Every day we are adding new content and new features. Stay tuned for more to come.

20 months ago

I don't know if this would be too difficult but it could be nice to have the title of their most recent review underneath their little plaque?

20 months ago

Great suggestion! We will see what we can do.

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