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Creating New Patches in Patchwork?

My wife and I love #Patchwork and play it a ton (nearly nightly for the first couple months of the pandemic). I thought it would be fun to try and add a few new shapes to the available patches to give us some new options. 

Once I created the new shapes though, then the challenge became how to add the appropriate cost in buttons and time. Obviously a lot of playtesting and more goes into making sure the game is balanced so how can I make sure my new pieces aren’t weighted unfairly? Here are the two I made. Any ideas or thoughts about their cost?

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Premium User2 months ago

#Patchwork is a good one! Without looking at all the other pieces to compare relative costs..and without knowing anything about how to properly balance a game lol, I'd say they seem reasonable. Might take a few rounds of playtesting to totally suss it out like you said.

Also, nice job with them. I'm sure it's way easier than I think but what did you use to make them?

2 months ago

I used a Costco Raisin Bran Crunch cereal box. The thickness is a pretty good match to the originals but the downside is the backs of my pieces are solid purple. They work great if you can fit them in right side up but not as well if you need to flip them over. An extremely basic, but effective prototype I’d say!

Premium User2 months ago

Agreed! How'd you come up with the shapes? I'm picturing something like having a nearly full board except for a hole about the size of either one of those lol.

2 months ago

Good question! I definitely started from the point of what shape pieces would really help me most often. We also have #Patchwork Doodle and that has some different shapes to draw inspiration from. 

Premium User2 months ago

I've heard of Patchwork Doodle but I didn't realize it had different shapes!

2 months ago

You would recognize most of the shapes in Doodle. Almost all of the new ones are bigger pieces (6 squares or more). I don’t think they would fit as well in the Patchwork game play. Still recommend it as a roll and write option though!