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Wingspan Oceana Expansion. It really is like the Tuscany of Wingspan!


I got#Wingspan: Oceania Expansion as a gift and got to play it last night with my wife. It was absolutely lovely! I normally feel a bit too subject to the luck of the bird cards I draw to either build a nice engine or just flop. With the expansion it really smooths out the gameplay and makes it feel like I get utility in some way out of everything I have. A great expansion and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the base#Wingspan.

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Supporter19 days ago

Great to hear! Trent do you also have the European expansion?

Owner19 days ago

Yes I do. It added some nice new bird cards with new abilities but it didn't feel like the experience changed all that much. My favorite part of it was the purple eggs.

20 days ago

Wow, that's awesome. I'm seeing only positive reviews for this one, and I really think we'd enjoy it. I'll have to pick it up eventually, but probably not for a while, just because of how many games we've acquired recently, haha

Premium User20 days ago

Mine's arriving (I think) Monday! The tracking currently shows Wednesday but it's 3.5 hours away so I can't imagine it not getting here by Tuesday at the latest. I'm ridiculously excited to try it out!

Premium User20 days ago

That's a good description. I think the new boards really helped especially with the ability to obtain two food or two cards on the first space.  We still like to have a six bird "tray" for greater selection and we like to start with a bird draft and everyone keeps all their food and birds (to get the engine going a bit faster).  

21 days ago

Thanks for the recommendation.  I just got #Wingspan yesterday and although we haven't had a chance to play it yet I have had #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion in my wishlist at GameNerdz.

Premium User20 days ago

I picked it up from GameNerdz using real money pre giveaway gift card win. For ~$24 I think it's a pretty solid additon to your hold..of course this is based on 0 experience with the expansion, just based on how great Wingspan is on it's own 

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