Draconic Dice Crypt: 3D Printable Dice Box & Drink Holder

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My husband buys me dice the way some husbands buy flowers. I have many kinds of dice, including purple metal dice, and I need dice cups and dice holders that are sturdy enough to contain them. Enter the Draconic Dice Crypt. It's solid and has great detail, exactly what I look for in a gaming accessory. 

The Draconic Dice Crypt comes with a lid, but can be used with the lid off to double as a drink holder. Not only is your drink more secure, but it looks great. Everyone at the table knows not to mess with the person whose cold beverage of choice is surrounded by a pile of skulls!

The designer's goal was to make "something that would make my friends envious from the moment they laid eyes on it and hold their rapt attention as I unveiled every nook and cranny that dice and other game pieces could be stored."

You can make your friends envious for only $15, which includes the base set and all unlocked stretch goals. If you'd like a commercial license, so you can sell physical printed copies, that's an option as well. Check out the campaign before it ends on December 2, 2019.

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About the Draconic Dice Crypt

The Draconic Dice Crypt is 3D printable, delivered as STL files. It has interchangeable pieces and two hidden compartments. There are even slots for optional rare earth magnets to provide that satisfying click into place.

The dice tray insert is an important component. It serves as a secret compartment to hold and protect your most prized dice set in a separate location. During gameplay, this component can hold your dice on the table apart from other game items.

One hidden compartment is not enough for the Draconic Dice Crypt. The bottom insert is a second hidden compartment, smaller than the dice tray insert, but large enough for favorite miniature, life counter, or other nefarious items you want to keep protected and hidden away from prying eyes. 

More on Kickstarter

The  Kickstarter has more information and a list of the stretch goals, so be sure to check it out before the campaign ends on December 2, 2019.

See the Kickstarter

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