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A reveiw the great family game Tiny Towns from AEG. 

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14 months ago

This is a great little game, and is a nice little brain burner. As some others have said, it can be a bit mean so keep that in mind. My only real criticism of the game is that the theme is almost non-existent in my opinion.

Owner14 months ago

Great game. Surprisingly hard (maybe even mean) not just because it tests your spatial awareness but because some players will be gunning for ruining your patterns. 

Partner14 months ago

Yea, that's why I like it better with more players. With only 2, it can sometimes be too easy to get the pieces you want. 

Supporter14 months ago

This one has yet to hit my table. I was going to try it solo the other day but ran out of time. 

Supporter14 months ago

I wonder if my wife would like this game. I hear a lot of good about it.

Premium User14 months ago

One of my favourites. You can pull it out and teach it in no time.  Players who haven’t played it before go in thinking it’ll be easy but about half way through you can see them kind of go,”Oh crap!  I’ve boned myself!” and they are ready for another game again. 

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