Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Playthrough - July (SPOILERS hidden)


Play through recap for July

For the first time we actually had some discussion and debate about which of the event cards we wanted to take with us.  After reviewing the objectives we discussed and agreed to include "Border Security" which would come in handy during the game.  Otherwise we got another set of personal evaulation cards as part of set up. 

  1. Chose 3 on the first question about whether or not if I win, then someone must lose.  2 of us wanted to go with a 2.  One went 5 and I went 4 as initial thoughts.  We compromised up/down to 3.  
  2. Not knowing the hidden information we decieded that we needed to go to one extreme or the other so we went with 5, we'll see if that was the right choice later. 

Game play wise we drew an escalation on the very first turn but it thankfully didn't lead to an incident right away.  However, Tokyo and Osaka both started with 3 agents.  Our initial plan was to go and place a bunch of road blocks around LA. to try to contain the spread of the locations we needed to clean up, hitting the escalation this early was a problem.  Thankfully our first turn player was able to place a roadblock in Mexico City so we kept it away from Havanna.   

From there is was pretty much an exercise in problem mitigation for the remainder of the opening and middle third of the game.  We were fortunate in how our threat cards came out as we were able to stay ahead of the agents adding incidents.  We were also lucky in that we pulled the border security card prior to the 2nd escalation.  We took a turn around the table to set ourselves us to maximize the use of that event and played it prior to the next escalation.  This meant we were able to contain the searching to NA and Syndey...aka all Allied cities thus we only need a single team to clean that up . 

We managed to get a soviet and neutral team created in near back to back turns which allowed us to complete the 2nd objective and stop Sabik.  Finally getting teams on the board meant we were able to start to clean up agents with more efficiency.  At one point we were down to 2 agents in the supply.  

The research assistant was able to pass a couple of allied cards off to a teammate who was finally able to create the allied team.  From there it was a couple of turns to move them around the board removing the chase tokens and completing the 1st objective.  

The satalites never really impacted this game.  We drew the Asia one, but by the time we drew it there weren't any agents in Asia and we had no reason to be there.  The 2nd one we drew was in S. America but while Santigo was a mess we had no reason to go their either so that didn't matter.  

After that we were able to move the allied team to Algiers which by this point we had determined was the African city with the control center and was able to bug it for a succeeding month.  

Ended up with 4 incidents for the month: Washington, San Fran, Algiers, Manila 

Spent our skill points on 

  • 2 Points to give Dr. Roberts to the team creator since he has a Visa to Moscow where we have a permanent safehouse.  Thinking that at least once per game he'll probably run through Moscow to create the Soviet team and this will give him a couple extra actions. 
  • Removed 3 survillance icons from the board.  San Fran, Khartoum and Bangkok 


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5 days ago

I think Pandemic Season 0 has been my favorite. The original legacy was my favorite to play because it was so fun and new, but I really like the theme of Season 0.

4 days ago

I can see that.  I'm awaiting the big reveal moment in Season 0.  I'm not sure anything can top the moment in Season 1 though.  The Brothers Murph did a video recently where they did all of Season 1 in a single sitting and they had Rob Daveau sitting in the chat as they got close to that moment.  It was pretty funny.  Warning that video has lots of spoilers so don't watch if not interested in spoiling things.

5 days ago

Have you played the other Pandemic Legacy games? Do you have a favorite if you could only choose one?

5 days ago

So this group has played all 3 of the Pandemic Legacy games.  They are all really enjoyable.  I would start with either 0 or 1 though if you are looking to get into the series.  The first one is a really nice entry into the legacy concepts and it does so much fun stuff starting from base pandemic.

The 2nd one flips pandemic around and instead of removing agents/disease from the board you are now trying to provide supplies to locations.  There is a lot more of an exploration aspect to this game.  I wouldn't start with it but it is worth playing after Season 1. 

Season 0 has been great.  The theme is awesome and the way the mechanics tie into the theme has been really enjoyable.  If you think you'd play all there then I would probably start here as the timeline is probably going to make the most sense and will lead you from one event to the next. 

I will say that you can tell that the team has gotten better with legacy concepts and execution with each season they have released.  The experiences and joy this series has brought the group has been incredible and I'm glad we've done it.

5 days ago

Thanks! I really appreciate feedback from people who have played each of them that can eloquently talk about some of the differences and advantages. Well put. 

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