Trying to decide next character [Gloomhaven]


Hey all,

I am trying to decide my next Gloomhaven character.  So far I have been the Cragheart (Good), Angry Face (Loved!), and Two Mini(Not my cup of tea).  

My options for this retirement that no one has played yet are Scoundrel, Tinkerer, Sun.  I am also considering going back to the Angry Face cause I liked it so much.  I am leaning towards the Sun class.

Our party ranges from 2-4 people and right now have a Music Note, Eclipse, and Cthulhu.  I will be coming in at level 4.

Any thoughts are appreciated.  Is there one of these characters that will fit our group better?  I am leaning towards the Sun class, but am worried that the role is already covered by others in our group.  (I would be more specific but I don't see a way to cover spoiler tags)

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18 months ago

I've not played the game but I always like Tinkerers. I'm going to agree with you though Sun sounds more of a fit from the bit I took a peek at.

Supporter8 months ago

Which did you end up picking?

18 months ago

Interesting that you are choosing which character to go with.  The way my gaming group has been playing is we next open the symbol at the bottom of the personal goal card. We consciously choose those retirement goals (you get two keep one) which will not open a previously opened character symbol. This has caused us some grief as we rarely have a perfectly balanced party.  But IMHO, that's what makes this game so special. Adapting to the chaos and uncertainly and maximizing party strengths.

18 months ago

That is the same way we are playing.  You unlock the envelope with the symbol on the bottom of the personal quest card.  After unlocking the box though you can choose from any of the previously unlocked characters.  So usually there are some characters that have not yet been played that are options to choose.  (Especially when you consider there are 6 starting classes.)

So I unlocked the circles class and didn't love the theme coming from the 2 minis class.  So I can choose between any other previously unlocked class.  I ended up choosing the sun class which no one had played yet and am thoroughly enjoying it.

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