Castles of Mad King Ludwig vs Isle of Cats

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#Castles of Mad King Ludwig and #The Isle of Cats are both tile laying games using differing mechanics for selecting tiles and arranging them. #The Isle of Cats is a little more Tetris-like in that you are filling your boat with cats and generally trying to build up larger "cat families" or get more of the same color cats together to score higher points.  The tiles are attained from the cards you play and the cards are obtained through a card draft at the beginning of the round. 

#Castles of Mad King Ludwig tiles are arranged connecting "doorways" between rooms and different types of rooms will score different point values depending on what room they are connected to and you bonus cards. "Completeing" a room by having a room connected to each doorway results in a triggeres bonus.  Players obtain the tiles by purchasing them from the market.  Each round the first player rotates and gets to 'set the market'. When player purchase tiles and pay the first player the amount for where that tile was placed in the market.  

#Castles of Mad King Ludwig forces players to balance their money as they decide which tiles to purchase for their castle.  Sometimes what fits can factor into the decision and sometimes the bonus for completing a room is worth the tradeoff. #The Isle of Cats is more about fitting the cats onto your boat in such a way as to get more of the same color together.

Personally I prefer #Castles of Mad King Ludwig as I like the first player market setting and the challenge of trying to decide how much a player will pay for a given room for their castle.  There's a little more completition for rooms and for money. #The Isle of Cats is fun as well and a little prettier art wise, but not quite as engaging for me personally.

If you've played these or based on these descriptions, which would you prefer?  What about these games stands out to you and piques you interest?

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