Clans of Caledonia metal coins and other recent acquisitions


My metal coins for Clans of Caledonia finally arrived. It took me a while to decide between getting this vs. metal coins for Concordia or Viticulture. In the end, I decided to upgrade Clans since #Viticulture: Essential Edition hasn't been seeing that many plays ever since we got Clans and Concordia.

Anyway, the metal coins are almost exactly the same as the original chitboard coins in size and design. They have a nice weight to them and as you can see, they just look realllllly good :)

Now I'm waiting for #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)'s metal coins to arrive and I also got a copy of #Brass: Birmingham Deluxe under Board Game Atlas to write my review. Trent got his own copy as well and he and his wife have been enjoying it a lot. Really looking forward to getting to that one because everything about that game screams that I'll love it.

What are your recent acquisitions and what are you most excited about?

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Owner9 months ago

 let's play #Brass: Birmingham next week if you don't play your copy by then. I think it will make a great video 😉

Owner9 months ago

I'm down :)

Premium User9 months ago

My most recent additions are#Food Chain Magnate and#Paladins of the West Kingdom. I'm probably most excited to play more FCM because I was pleasantly surprised my fiancé actually liked it!

Owner9 months ago

Nice! Always so exciting when your significant other catches the bug too :)

Premium User9 months ago

Might I also recommend the resources upgrade for #Clans of Caledonia from Top Shelf Gamer.  I love the coins and wasn't going to get the resources upgrade but when they were on discount and looked so cool...I couldn't resist.  It's a blast! I have the #Viticulture coins as well and well, honestly, I forgot I had them until I got out the game to try and play with my 9 year old son.  He likes metal coins as well, so that of course helped sell him on playing.  That and I pay him $3 if he will let me record and post the playthrough on my!

The component upgrade for #Architects of the West Kingdom are pretty fantastic as well.  For a building game like that they feel quite on point. 

Owner9 months ago

Yup, that's on the list and it's one that my wife thought would be fun to play with! I wish I got paid for playing games as a kid haha

And I think I've seen one of your posts with pictures of the upgrades for Architects. I really like the solo mode and you frequently handle resources in that game so that's an obvious one to get in the future too.

Owner9 months ago

Since you got so many new games, maybe your next win should cover upgrades :)

Just wish they weren't so expensive though--it'd be great if a $60 win could cover upgrades for 2-3 games or at least fully bling out one of your favorites.

Supporter9 months ago

I would definitely consider it.  I'm felling really good about the strength of my collection.  The biggest thing right now (if I were so lucky to win again) is considering games for the family.  We've been playing #Ticket To Ride First Journey a lot, and are planning on making #King of Tokyo a family game. 

So I might do one family game and one upgrade.

How is playing with the metal coins (or have you yet)?

Owner9 months ago

Family games are a whole lot of fun in their own way. Just the fact that you're having fun with something you enjoy adds so much. Any idea which games you'd consider for the future?

I haven't played with the metal coins just yet. But it's giving me a boost of motivation to at least get in a solo session in the upcoming week.

Supporter9 months ago

Right now at the top of the list to play as like a family/kid game is #Stuffed Fables.  My oldest daughter really wants to try it out.  Although that's definitely a bit on the heavier side.  Our quick fun games are #Sushi Go!, #Ticket To Ride First Journey, and soon #King of Tokyo.

I'm also considering some #Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle & Theme decks and maybe some booster packs..  My oldest daughter and I play with a Training Card set, but that's only 30 cards and I think we want a longer game with more variety.

Premium User9 months ago

Those look like they'd fit in well for Viticulture or Concordia too! Are there enough for that? At least for a 2 player game of either? Concordia usually needs a few more than Viticulture.

Well I posted about them already, but my most recent acquisitions are #Res Arcana and #War Chest. I'm really enjoying them both, especially War Chest. I have plans to play it tonight, in fact!

Aside from games, I did finally cave and order a playmat for our table. In the absense of a proper gaming table that we will probably never have, a playmat will be pretty nice!

9 months ago

Where did you get your playmat? I've only poked around a few places and not seen too much other than MtG sized mats, which wouldn't really be big enough to cover a table for a board game.

Premium User9 months ago

I'm not sure if they'll have a late pledge option for this. It just finished the campaign and they're supposedly shipping in a couple months, so they might just start selling them directly on their site after a while.

Owner9 months ago

There are 70 coins total:

  • 30x1's
  • 20x5's
  • 20x10's

So it seems like these would work well with #Concordia too? The worn aesthetic does match its vibe.

And I watched a part of SUSD's review that you shared earlier. How great it would've been if elementary/middle school summer classes actually taught that in addition to chess haha. And congrats on the playmat addition! You have a number of great card games so that seems like an easy win right there

Premium User9 months ago

Yeah those could work!

And yes the playmate will be great for card games especially.

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