In about 12 hours from this post, I'll be playing through all 100 sheets of Welcome To without stopping...


I'm working to grow the Board Game Atlas Youtube Channel subscribers and thought that a fun stunt could be a way to accelerate it. With Phil's encouragement that he'd bring me a boba at some point during the stream I decided to do it!

I'll be streaming it on YouTube starting at Midnight tonight (technically tomorrow) Pacific standard time so please say hi if you're up late and hello again throughout the day!

We'll see how this goes... It's been a while since I've done an all nighter haha. It may be brutal!

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Supporter19 months ago

Have fun. I'll probably watch a game or two, and feel sorry for you the rest of the time.

19 months ago

hahaha You know it!

Supporter19 months ago

I am afraid that I won't wake up early to watch you though. 

19 months ago

Don't worry; he'll be going for a looonnnnnng time. A long time.

Supporter19 months ago

Good luck Trent! I’ll stop by at some point tomorrow morning. 

Owner19 months ago

What time should I stop by at? :D

19 months ago

Definitely share the heck out of it. So many FB pages dedicated to board games, so little time...