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My New Top 10

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As a follow up to 's post from a few days ago, (and mainly out of boredom) I decided to run a new pubmeeple just to see how I stacked up to my predictions. I originally made my top 25 list about 2 months ago now, but I'd gotten some new games that I felt could crack my top 5 & top 10. 

To recap: I had commented that I felt Spirit Island and Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion could break my top 5, kicking off Dominion and Mystic Vale. As for top 10, I thought Concordia and my newly acquired Barrage could make it on, displacing Team Play, Chinatown, and Orleans. I will admit the Barrage pick was due in large part to my two (and only two) plays of it since I recieved it making me overly excited to play again lol. I have a tendency to do that with new games.

So how did I do? Pretty well I think!

My new top 10 is: 

  1. #Wingspan - Taking it's rightful place lol (+2)
  2. #Terraforming Mars - Stayed right where it was (no change)
  3. #Spirit Island - Made the expected jump (+4)
  4. #The Castles of Burgundy - Probably closer to where it should have been (-3)
  5. #Monikers - So close! At least I had the right two games making the drop out of the top 5 (+1)
  6. #Concordia - Might have more to do with me wanting to play this recently (new)
  7. #Dominion: Second Edition - Oof sad to see that drop (-3)
  8. #Mystic Vale - I'd expect this to keep dropping further down closer to top 20 territory (-3)
  9. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - Okay just a little off...still time for it to jump to the top 5 (new)
  10. #Team Play - Barely hanging on (no change)

Dropping out of the top 10 as expected were #Chinatown at 11 and #Orléans at 12, making drops of 2 and 4, respectively. I'm kind of proud of myself for being so close with my predictions. #Barrage ended up at 28. Honestly it likely would have been in the top 25 if not for #Underwater Cities being even newer to me now. I'm telling you that's a thing for me lol.

In case anyone cares about the rest of the new top 25, it's largely the same. If I'm counting right there's 4 other changes from where things were at in September. And of course all but one of them are just newer to me games I've acquired since I made the list..

  1. #Suburbia - This wound up 16th and I think it's pretty deserving of an inclusion here. We had a lot of fun with it and will definitely keep playing it for a long time.
  2. #Underwater Cities - Talk about recency bias. Came in at 20th.
  3. #Biblios - 21st on my list. So this games new to me too thanks to my BGB Ghost Turkey (Secret Santa), but I had played it before. Can't blame all these on shiny new toy syndrome! 
  4. #Gloomhaven - I don't own this one, but there's been a whole lot of talk on the forum recently about it which probably boosted it a bit in my mind. I don't know why it didn't make the top 25 when I did it last time to be completely honest. I must have forgotten to include it when I selected the games to be ranked. Ended up 22nd.

Speaking of not including things in the rankings, I once again did a disservice to #Telestrations. I have no logged plays of it on BGG and fully admit I have to change that soon lol. But because I had no plays logged, it didn't get included, so it obviously dropped from my top 25 entirely. It was previously my 21st ranked game. Other games falling off the list:

  1. #The Networks
  2. #Azul
  3. #Guillotine
  4. #Secret Hitler
  5. #Camel Up (Second Edition)

1-4 were 22nd-25th respectively and Camel Up made a huge drop from 14th down to 34th. None of these are particularly surprising. I would expect after the newness of games like Underwater Cities and Biblios wears off, they'll drop from my list, making way for whatever new games I have at the time haha.

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58 days ago

pubmeeple is very cool! I run most of my list exercises in similar, less automated fashion lol

Supporter2 months ago

Interesting list. I take it you like mid weight euro engine builders.....LOL

I do think that it is interesting how much you talk about your recency bias, but when I look at your rankings there is only one "new" game on there. And, there are still old stalwarts like #The Castles of Burgundy from 2011,,,,, as well as some other "old" stuff. The reason I think that is interesting, when I see peoples recency bias, they also often have a "cult of the new" bias. I don't see that as much at work here.

Premium User2 months ago

Where'd you get that idea?! LOL

Well yeah as we've talked about I'm still fairly new to the hobby so "new" for me is just about anything lol. But yeah it's just like the most recent game I've picked up kind of thing.

Supporter2 months ago

Nothing wrong with that. 

Owner2 months ago

I typically don't get too excited about co-ops in the style of Pandemic. It'd still be great to try out #Spirit Island some day. I'm curious how I'll feel about it.

Supporter2 months ago

I have decided. It is official. I don't like coops, at least in multiplayer settings. They can be ok for solo. They can even be downright amazing for solo. But, I have somewhere between very little and no interest in ever playing a coop multiplayer again. I will do it if the other person(s) want. But, other than that, not for me.

Premium User2 months ago

It's probably the only co-op I actually like!

2 months ago

I love that you've got a good mix of strategy games and party games. We don't play many party games, but man if you get the right group in the right mood, so much fun!

You say that newness is a huge factor in your rankings. How many of your top 25 do you think will stand the test of time?

Premium User2 months ago

Yeah I think overall it's a pretty well balanced list in that regard!

And good question. Granted it's only been 2 months since I last did this, but I think it's pretty cool that for the most part there was little movement. Sure the relative positions of the games has changed, but there were only 6 newcomers to the list. And I think of the 6, at least half of them should be there.

As for the rest of them, I think anyone could expect to see different games coming into and going out of their top however many. I just happen to approach it as what would I rather play right now, which lends itself at least for me to have "newer" games ranked higher. That being said I think there are plenty of games on my top 25 that wouldn't shock me if they stayed there for a long time. It would take a few really great games to knock them down.

2 months ago

Nice. Yeah I think that's a good way to approach it. I mean if you absolutely love a game after 1 play, it should go on the list! But some games stand up to time better than others haha

2 months ago

The cool thing about your top 10 is that it's a neat, well-rounded collection with good variety. I would be happy with just those 10 games. Monikers really is the most raucous fun you can get in a box, isn't it? I've got some amazing memories of playing it, and if it wasn't for seeing it in your top 10 I probably wouldn't have thought to put it in mine, but it deserves to be there for sure.

Premium User2 months ago

Don't let my fiancée hear that I think you're right. I'd be having an auction for the other 70 games in my collection lol. 

Have you played with any of the Monikers expansions? I feel like we've seen just about every card so I've been looking to get one but, to borrow your phrase, I can't decided if they'll be much of a muchness lol

2 months ago

lol I'm glad you've picked up on that phrase. now you can pay it forward and explain it to the next person to have no idea what you're saying

I've played with the SUSD expansion which was the same silly fun with a British slant. However, like you we've gone round the base game so many times that we write our own on slips of paper these days, to keep it feeling fresh. More of a print and play at that point, I guess

Premium User2 months ago

That's not a bad idea!