Deals of the Day: October 12, 2020


#The Expanse is $24.99 as the CardHaus Daily Deal, save 50% (new historic low).

#Carpe Diem is ~$29 at Amazon, save 39%.

#Cheese Stack is ~$11 at Amazon, save 30%.

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44 days ago

On one hand, I'm glad I missed the #Carpe Diem deal because I don't need more games...but man am I sad I missed it lol

Supporter44 days ago

Are you a Feld fan?

44 days ago

The only Feld I've played is #The Castles of Burgundy but it's one of my favorites in my collection. There are a few other Feld's that interest me..notably Carpe Diem, Trajan, and Macao.

Supporter44 days ago

#Fallout is 42% off as the GameNerdz Deal of the Day (add to cart).

#Dust Tactics: SSU Command Squad - The Medvedi is less than $12 on Amazon, save 42%.

44 days ago

oh darn, no shipping available for EU for that falliut. shipping would make up for the price reduction anyway :p

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