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Original YouTube Video for Stak Skak

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36 days ago

Interesting choice on the 3 year old video, is that your channel?

36 days ago

No. I wish I had the talent to create and publish chess variants, but sadly I don't.

I just found the video about 3 months ago and then ordered the game. I don't have a Lego chess set, but I think the game will be fun with just about any chess set and some imagination!

I have really been enamored with chess variants overall and lately I've taken to the card "add-on" versions. Of course Knightmare Chess started me on this a LONG time ago. I like collecting these type of games and will try to add more to our database here as I find the time. This was my first ever attempt to add anything to any database, so I hope it 'took' well.

Premium User36 days ago

Cool video, thanks for sharing!