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Pandasaurus Games Holiday Deals


Seeing that we have from Pandasaurus on our forum now, I was checking out their website and saw that they're offering lots of great deals for the holidays!

1. 15-60% off select games and

2. Daily giveaways until December 11:

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2 months ago

Not to mention the free game with EVERY $50 you spend! 

Thanks for sharing, Phil!

Premium User2 months ago

Why must you do this to me ?

2 months ago

I love how Phil is waging an all out assault on the US users' wallets 😂

Partner2 months ago

is doing their part to keep the economy going :P

Owner2 months ago

LOL. I just saw this comment.

Brace yourselves. Tough times ahead 😂😂

at least I'm still keeping it to be from next year's budget!

Premium User2 months ago

Yeah it definitely feels this way, especially when he caved and bought a game himself

Supporter2 months ago

Welcome to

Il have to check these deals out. 

2 months ago

Hey, thank you!!

2 months ago

Wasteland Express looks pretty cool, too bad it's already sold out!! 

2 months ago

Haha, thank you and for the heads up! You two were fast!!

2 months ago

Oh no! It doesn't show up as sold out to me. Check again?

Edit: my teammate added more this morning before I noticed ;)

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