I'm making Snakes & Ladders 2.0 - and you're all invited!

Game Design

Hi All


So about a year ago I started a YouTube channel about reconnecting with my childhood hobbies like playing board, role and war games.


As I progressed, it became apparent to me that what I missed most was not so much the playing of games but the designing of them.


I had a ton of ideas but didn't feel confident that I had the right understanding of what would make a good game.


I spent that year learning and researching, watching an insane amount of YouTube, interviewing designers on the channel and of course playing tons and tons of games.


Recently I decided that enough was enough - I had to put what I've leaned into practice and actually make a game using the structured approach I now had!


By now I had a small and incredibly hobby-passionate following and I felt strongly that I needed to make them a part of the journey.


So I am.


My plan was to find a familiar source of inspiration that everyone would be familiar with. Something family friendly, quick to learn and badly in need of some improvement.


I went with Snakes and Ladders !


The idea will be to cover different elements of my design thought process each episode and come up with a few directions the game could go. After each episode there's a vote showing those options and people get to choose which way the development goes. The winning vote determines the design of the game.


Of course I have no idea if this will work and maybe the game produced will be terrible and dull to play.


But that's OK.


The aim is share the experience of developing a game, get inspired and see exactly what obstacles we need to overcome. Regardless of the outcome, I think this is going to be an amazing experiment.


If interested in seeing just how badly (lol) or well this could go, please do come and join in !


As always feedback is always welcome!





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