Wishlists - Why waiting can be good

I have rarely if ever maintained an official wishlist of games in my life, the world is awash with excellent, or at least excellent looking, games: so many of which I wouln't say no to owning if given the opportunity. 

What I do often have is a single game that I very desperately want to own for one reason or another. There are 3 specific game that come to mind:

#Eldritch Horror - This was one of the first modern board games I owned. Up until that point my experience of games had been fairly limited, but I really liked #Pandemic and this seemed like the next level in terms of complexity and scope. I had wanted it for a long long time, but I was just a poor student at that point so couldn't be splashing out even for a game I really liked. I did get to play it once at a board game cafe at university and was convinced it was the game for me. However, my older brother was going to The UK Games Expo in Birmingham one summer so I tasked him with trying to find a copy on the second hand table. He had a strict limit of thirty pounds which was a good chunk of the money I owned in the world at that time. While I didn't hold out much hope upon his return he was bearing a big old box of cthulu goodness! I have had many great times with this game over the years, it is prbably one of my most played games.

#Archipelago - This was a game I never played before I bought it. I watched a review on SUSD and just immediately knew it was a game I would love and was pretty sure it would fit with my group of friends too. You've all heard me rave about this game before, but it was the focus on deal-making and semi-coop that sold me. However, when I first heard of it it was out of print and secon-hand copies were selling for extortionate amounts. So I waited, and waited, and waited: scanning eBay and second-hand sites for probably at least two years with no luck. However, eventually the was another print run and it became one of the very few games I have ever bought new and at full price. As you can imagine I did and have loved this game endlessly, it lived up to my hopes and clicked right away with my university friends and others who I ahve played this with.

#878: Vikings - Invasions of England - This had been the game I had been craving for probably 18 months by the time I managed to find a reasonably priced copy (it too is/was out of print) and while I have yet to have the chance to play it with four players (how I think it will play best) I have really enjoyed playing it two player with my partner.


My point with all this is that by having to wait to get these games, I appreciated them that much more when they finally did arrive. Especially for Eldritch Horror and 878 Vikings as I managed to get good deals on both which meant I felt extra pleased with myself. And of course in reality, not having these games sooner didn't stop me enjoying all the board games I already own or the hobby in general so did me no harm to wait.


What have been games that you haven't been able to aquire for years but were so worht it when you did?

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Supporter3 months ago

Very cool stories! I think waiting and hoping for something does make the experience better. Kind of like how as a kid you would wait and wait for Christmas to finally open those presents and it would be so magical.  

3 months ago

Exactly, just adds that special something to the whole experience. Plus, I imagine if I had the money/space to just buy every game that caught my eye I would lose that feeling of excitement at opening up a new game!

Supporter3 months ago

Indeed! Part of the fun of getting a new game is the entire process of carefully allocating your resources and doing research to make sure your investment is worthy. 

Supporter3 months ago

These are interesting stories. I think for me the one I think of is #Scythe. I had never spent more than $45-50 on a game. And, Scythe was running about $65. I think I waited about 2 years before I finally pulled the trigger. I am so so happy that I did.

3 months ago

I remember you saying, I am glad that has been a winner for you. Do you think you are happier having waited the two years or, with hindsight, wish you had bought it when it first hit your radar?

Supporter3 months ago

I don't know how much the waiting enhanced the experience. But, I remember when I bough #The Castles of Burgundy I had waited for awhile to buy it. And when I did get it, I tried a lot harder to like it. I think I played it 12 times or more before I could definatively that I didn't enjoy it. I could see that it was a good game, but I just didn't have fun with it, so I traded it away. So, in that case the watiing actually blinded me for a bit.

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