Deals of the Day: August 13, 2020


Numenera Discovery and Destiny ~$78 at Amazon, save 35%

Pass the Pigs: Big Pigs ~$12 at Amazon, save 36%

Sorcerer City ~$32 at Amazon, save 46% off retail. Showing as historic low on BGA.

Star Wars: Armada ~$69 at Amazon, save 30%

Star Wars: Armada - Imperial Assault Carriers ~$12 at Amazon, save 40%


More great deals still available:

Azul ~$23 at Amazon, save 42%

Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas Expansion Set ~$80 at Amazon, save 35%

Gobblet Gobblers ~$18 at Amazon, save 38%

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon ~$30 at Amazon, save 39%

Lewis & Clark is the Boardlandia Deal of the Week, save 36% (add to cart to see discount)

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth ~$71 at Amazon, save 29%

Mysterium: Hidden Signs ~$20 at Amazon, save 33%

Star Wars X-Wing: Most Wanted ~$18 at Amazon, save 55%

Super Big Boggle ~$16 at Amazon, save 38%

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