Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Playthrough - June (SPOILERS hidden)


Thread for people to discuss their June playthroughs of Season 0!

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36 days ago

June was interesting and is this game getting really good.  I'm excited to see where we go in the last half of this year.

Set up and Objectives:

  1. The three objectives are going to be tough. 
    1. We have 4 cities now to disrupt trial in.  We've done really well to this point at disrupting the trail which has kept our number of infected cities to 2.  Our goal going into the start of the month is to get at least 2 of the 4 disrupted.  Three would be amazing but we're not going to let perfect be the enemy of good enough.  
    2. The infratrate the safe house is an interesting objective that took us a min to figure out how to play and what we needed to do.  This is one of our primary goals for the first half of the month. 
    3. Setting a bug in a new city is on the back burner unless we can somehow make it work. 
  2. W e got a letter from Sabik allowing us to cancel a restriction up to 3 times.  
  3. This is super useful, especially when we complete our assessment and realize that we are Arrogant (which I could have told you before we started playing the game ;)) so we now need to discard an extra card when creating teams.  UGH!!! 

Game Highlights:

Our game started out pretty good.  We were able to get our team builder enough cards that he was able to build a netrual team on his second team.  Too bad this team can't help with any of the agent problems on the board or with the disrupt trail.  We did the inital step into the safehouse and learned we needed a card with a 1 on it.  None of us had a 1, nor would we draw one until the 3rd time around the table.  This was almost the end to this objective.  

We hung on and managed to keep most things under control while waiting for the right cards to make their way into the right hands.  We did have a couple of semi-early escalations including two on back to back turns where 3 of the 5 cards in the deck would have caused escalations.  We managed to play One Quiet Night to give us a chance to clean up 2 of the 3 trouble spots. 

We finally got some disease cubes on the board and they came up pretty often and both of our cities had 3 cubes on them.  Rather than risk additional infected cities a couple of us took symptom cards to clean the cities up.  Still no outbreaks ;) 

Over the course of the game we had managed to get a soviet and netrual team created and both were in Europe, as the game was coming to a rapid end (we had 1 incident token left and only 3 turns of cards to pull from the player deck) it was now or never.  So we were able to disrupt the trial in 2 of the 4 cities.  London and Prague were our unfortunate cities where we couldn't stop the trials. 

We finally managed to get all of the right numbers and cards to the player who was going to break into the safehouse.  We managed to solve the 2n d objective without a moment to spare.  

On our game's last turn, we were about to move the netrual team to one of the asia cities for the acquire target objective when we pulled an incident that moved all teams with an eye to washington.  At this point we were down to 3 Asian cities that it could be, 1 netrual and 2 Soviet one's.  It was going to be the last turn as we knew that we had 3 cards out of 11 that would have given us our game ending incident so we took a gamble and moved our soviet team to one of the soviet cites and hoped for the best.  It turned out that we needed the netrual team to be in Bombay so the incident event action cost us this objective.  This is our first bug planting objective that we've failed.  

Game End Upgrade and Thoughts:

  • N eeded to add 4 additional survillenance eyes to the board.  Thankfully ? one of our cities with an incident already had 3 eyes and 1 city ended up with multiple incident tokens which cut down on the number of survillenance eyes we needed to add. 
  • Cities starting with disease cubes is going to be a problem.  Thankfully they are both connected to Paris and we gave one of our characters the ability to remove disease cubes from adjucent cities. 
  • We added the ability for my cargo pilot to be in a named city and to then exchange a card with another player in any location.  This ties in really well with the Research Assistant, which is my other role.  Allowing me to pass cards around will now be easier.  We made the named city the same as my visa city so I can always get to it from any place. 
  • We gave one of the characters the ability to look at the top two infection deck cards as a free action.  Since we're playing character towards the end of the game it'll hopefully help prevent some issues.  He also has the ability to move team's around pretty easily on his turn.  Thought being that if he knows X city is going to come up he can hopefully move a team there first and remove the problem 

 The first half of this game has been really amazing and I"m enjoying the experience.  Can't wait to see what's coming up next.

2 months ago

Our June went pretty badly.  We only got 1/3 objectives for Early June, then when we were playing it again we got confused and played Late June wrong.  We were pretty discouraged since they were rough games so we postponed the 2nd attempt at Late June until next time.  Then my kids kept getting colds so we had to keep pushing back our game day and then we ended up playing Late June (we're pretty sure correctly this time) like 2 months after the first game.  And since I didn't write this post right away (I was planning on doing it after Late June so I could do the whole thing at once) my recollection will probably be a little off. 

Early June - 1/3 objectives accomplished = Loss??

So I'm pretty sure June is the game that they put in there in case you had been doing really well in the first part of the game and had no infected cities on the board.  So the designers were like, we need to make sure they have some for the rest of the game, so we're going to make June impossible.  Objective 1: find/stop 4 trials in friggin Europe with its million cities.  Objective 2: infiltrate this hideout using these heretofore unnoticed numbers at the bottom of the card.  Oh and you have to have all the numbers because if you fail you have to exit the hideout and start over. Objective 3: bug lab.  Ok that one is normal.   

We had a pretty bad draw/setup for the beginning of the game, so we were already pretty sure that it was going to be impossible for us to finish all 3 objectives.  We figured we'd finish as much as we could and then start over.  We thought we'd just outright ignore Objective 1 because it was just going to be too much with the other 2.  We can just try it again and focus on it in Late June (we thought).  So we finished Objective 3 no problem.  We actually got pretty close to getting into the hideout, but even though we gave our guy as many numbers as he could carry, we didn't end up having the right ones.  This objective is really tough because it effectively takes someone out of the game for several rounds and we need everyone just to keep the agents down.  And we knew we didn't have the right cards to set up enough teams for 4 cities so we figured we'd ignore this for now and try again in late June.   

So we lose, like we knew we were going to and then we go to set up late June but then we're confused because it looks like we can't do some of these things again?  But we thought that you get a 2nd chance at your objectives in Late June?  A second chance to complete?  So we tried playing it again just with the Europe objective and the hideout objective and just due to plain bad luck we lost very badly, didn't finish any of the objectives.  Then we re-read everything because we were still confused and figured out that we don't play those two objectives again, you just fail them and they get replaced with some lame easier objective.  (The fact that you only get to attempt the Europe trials objective once lends creedence to my earlier theory about the designers.)  So being very discouraged with the 2 brutal games we decide to do late June later.  Don't remember which end game upgrades we did.  Then the delays with the colds and stuff etc.   

Late June - Win

So then after re-reading everything we figure out that we don't get to repeat any of the objectives, it just gets replaced with this other one.  We all thought that was very confusing, but we haven't lost any other of the months so maybe it gave better direction before?  I don't know if the earlier months let you repeat objectives but we were under the impression that they did.  It was also hard to find any clarification on BGG.  ANYWAY we managed to knock out this objective no problem.  We didn't even make it to our last escalation card or find any of our funding cards in the deck.  (We usually are pretty close to decking out by the end of the game.)  As far as end game upgrades, there were some pretty good ones floating around that we missed previously.  We finally gave my neutral alias something useful to do.  My allied alias is the equivalent of the reasearcher and my neutral alias is the one that can reveal cards instead of discarding them when identifying an objective and I've basically never used her.  So she got Experimental Medicene and Army Doctor since I'm the one that usually picks up the symptom cards anyway since I'm usually giving away my city cards.  So we think they stack pretty well together.   

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