Top 10 Games of 2019 - YouTube

Help Rahdo keep running @ !!! And now... A video listing my picks for the 10 board & card games of 2019. Spoilers below... . . . . .......

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Supporter16 months ago

I'm always in interested in what Rhado has too say. But, I do really wish he would enjoy some more confrontational games. 

Supporter16 months ago

I do enjoy his runthroughs as well. He always gives me a good understanding of how the game works. Good information for me although I can't remember if I have ever gotten a game because of a Rhado runthrough.

Supporter16 months ago


Supporter16 months ago

He always has a good list of games. He just plays  so many!

Premium User16 months ago

Rundown in case you don't want to watch the whole thing.

  • 10 Coloma
  • 9 Cities Skylines
  • 8 The Isle of cats
  • 7 Wingspan
  • 6 On tour
  • 5 Tapestry
  • 4 Tiny Towns
  • 3 Black Angel
  • 2 Marvel Champions
  • 1 Maracaibo

Supporter16 months ago


Supporter16 months ago

Thanks for the breakdown. I haven't watched it yet, so this is helpful. 

Wow, I didn't watch his review of Maracaibo. Not I didn't expect him to like it that much. 

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