Favorite artists?


I'm thinking of contacting board game artists to share their "behind the scenes" moments - their struggles, what they enjoyed, learned, their reaction when their art was well received/not so well received, etc.

Comment below if you would find this idea interesting! Also, if you have suggestions for which artists to contact or for other things you'd like to know from them, let me know :) 

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tallon.simmons 15 months ago | 2 points[-]

I quite like this idea!

If you could only get an interview with a single artist, Ian O’Toole ( would be my vote; not only is his art stunning, but his graphic design capabilities are top notch. 

Best of luck with this!

fourthsphinx 15 months ago | 2 points[-]

The art work on the game dixit is among some of my favorite.  Would love to hear the thought processes of the artists in that game.

philryuh Supporter15 months ago | 1 point[-]

Seems to be by Marie Cardouat. I'll definitely try reaching out to her. Thanks! 

trentellingsen Supporter15 months ago | 2 points[-]

I really like the art for Pandemic: Iberia. You should see if that artist would work.

philryuh Supporter15 months ago | 1 point[-]

Will do! That should be Atha Kanaani :)