Need your feedback on potential small changes to the forum!


Yay or nay?

Adding reactions - I feel an upvote isn't adequate enough. Maybe having options for thumbs up, like, love, laughing, etc.? Any other types of reactions you can think of that's good for a board games forum?

Adding ability to do quick polls - doing quick polls for your top game, best worker placement, clash of two similar but different games, etc.

Feel free to pitch in any other ideas!

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11 months ago

I find reactions are fine, and I don't mind the idea of a negative or "disagree" reaction as long as then a required text entry is there. Of course that doesn't keep people from just typing "fart" in the box and going on with their day. Reactions can also stifle discussion as someone who just give something a thumbs up really doesn't add anything.

Polls are just good all around.

Supporter11 months ago

Lol. Yes, that's true. I was thinking about reactions mostly because there are times when a simple upvote doesn't seem enough to express my feelings for the post or comment. I also started thinking about it because I've been studying up on the pros and cons of each of the prominent board game communities like reddit, BGG, and facebook.

It's really interesting when you start dissecting each of their personalities and think about how they might be shaped by the websites' system. For instance, you have reddit and the system of upvotes and downvotes, where it's no nonsense and straightforward as it could be. And I think this type of system largely shapes the communities' dynamics and personality. Then there's BGG with the traditional forum system, and then facebook that allows a wider variety of reactions, colorful backgrounds, etc, which to me gives off a more approachable vibe for those new to the community. 

I guess I'm just trying to see where our community belongs/where everyone here would like to see us headed, and figuring out how we could bring in changes to help facilitate that.

I love polls :D

11 months ago

I probably wouldn't engage in reactions, but if you wanted to keep it positive, it could be a d20 or something to make it game related.

Quick polls would be a great addition!

Supporter11 months ago

Hmmm... if we do go with reactions, maybe we could add in the poll feature first and then get everyone's votes on what type of reactions they'd like to see xD

11 months ago

Yeah, I like the idea of having the Facebook-esque like/love/etc. reatcions for posts and whatnot. I personally never use the negative ones, so not having them at all is fine with me :) 

I'd also appreciate some sort of "follow" feature to posts. Similar to BGG forums and posts, I get notifications when one I'm following has more responses. I think that'd be good for here as well.

Polls are obviously great :)

I don't have anything else in mind right now, but if I think of something--or try and do/find a function that's not available--I'll let you know.

Supporter11 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! We'll see where the reaction idea heads to :)

Follow feature for posts would be great, and it's one that would be really handy for me since I'm somewhat acting as an admin for now xD

Starting last week, I decided to do a weekly "feedback friday" post so that people can load it up with some of their thoughts on what they like/dislike, favorite/least favorite features, annoyances, etc. so feel free to comment on there. You can also make a regular forum post with the flair "BGA Feature Request" too!

11 months ago

Awesome, sounds good! I think the Feedback Friday is nice touch for some community feedback. 

Supporter11 months ago

I hope we get some wild ideas thrown into the mix. It's definitely a challenge knowing whether some of the ideas that Trent and I come up with are actually fun/interesting/useful to the majority of people haha

Supporter11 months ago

I’m with the majority here. Reactions are ok - I rarely use them on Facebook. Typically if I have something to say I’ll just respond with a comment of my own. 

Polls are a great addition. 

Supporter11 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! We'll see how it goes, even if we add them, we'll have to make adjustments after seeing whether the majority like it or not. I'd like it to be more tailored set of reactions in the context of board gaming, but not to a level where it's cringey haha. I'm waiting for the poll feature to get added soon :)

Supporter11 months ago

I'm not sure.  Things like laughing, wow's and angry face can be used for negative purposes.  Thumbs up or no thumbs up keeps it positive.  Either you like it or you leave it alone.  Just my opinion of course.

I definitely like polls.

I'd also like the ability to tag game forums for tracking so I can get some kind of notification or list of updates to forums I'm keeping tabs on.  It would allow me to pull in all the activity going on in to one place.

Supporter11 months ago

That's a good point, we've gotten several feedback in the past about our community giving off a more approachable/friendly vibe, and we definitely want to maintain that. If we do go with reactions, we'll likely keep it free of any negative ones.

I like polls because they're easy to make and generate some fun discussion :)

For "tagging" game forums, are you referring to something like being able to follow certain games so that you get a feed of any forum posts/articles that link to that game? 

Supporter11 months ago

That's exactly what I meant by tagging.  Basically follow a given game so I get notified when information is added to that game.  Of course that will eventually lead to being able to customize what I see about games and whatnot but the core concept is tag a game as one you want to follow and then see in a list (?) or in notifications when changes have been made to that game.

Supporter11 months ago

Trent actually developed that feature close to the time of launching the site haha. He took it out (made it unavailable at some point) for some reason though. I think one reasoning was that the feed page was a bit sad looking because of the lack of much action on the site. Or it could be that no one was using it at the time. I do see it being very useful to me though.

Supporter11 months ago

Interesting because I was thinking of it as a way to bring the action that is happening to the forefront but perhaps that's not what would happen.  You guys know best what is happening in the back ground.

Supporter11 months ago

I'm sure that feature will be making a return in the near future. It'd be really useful for everyone, especially as the pace of community activity picks up momentum (hopefully within these upcoming months!!)

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