Owning a $17.9 Million Board Game Publishing Company (Interview with Jamey Stegmaier)


I've heard many interviews from in his thoughts on Board Gaming but I wanted to hear more about him as a business owner so we discussed his thoughts and focus on building the Stonemaier Game company. Let us know what you think and I'm sure if you have any questions for Jamey, he's a user and is always open to answer questions.

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27 days ago

Thanks for this chat, Trent! It was interesting to focus specifically on growth (and how we're not really a growth-seeking company).

Premium User27 days ago

You may not be directly seeking growth, but your model of "make good games and support them" lends itself well to that!

27 days ago

That's true. And we're certainly always striving to bring joy to more tabletops worldwide, so that's a type of growth too.

Premium User25 days ago

I love the idea of sticking with "one good game a year".  I think a lot of good quality gets missed by many companies because of the lure of profitable margins over product growth, or the pressure from investors lead producers and designers down a different path.  Thanks for holding the line Jamey and being willing to take "the path less traveled" to create consistent quality in the industry!

Owner27 days ago

It's so fun hearing how you think about things and your discipline to stick to your plan is amazing. It's clearly why it's led to so much success with your games and you're doing a great job! I'm looking forward to getting #Red Rising and I wanted to talk to you about having an IP focused title but the 9 minutes came too fast. Maybe a future discussion.