These are 5 of the most anticipated Kickstarter games, which are you most excited for?

Frosthaven(20 votes) 34%
Endless Winter: Paleoamericans(16 votes) 28%
ISS Vanguard(4 votes) 7%
Nemesis: Lockdown(3 votes) 5%
Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile(11 votes) 19%
The Defence of Procyon III(1 vote) 2%
Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood(1 vote) 2%
The Isofarian Guard(1 vote) 2%
Vindication(1 vote) 2%

58 votes

Here are some of the most highly anticipated games releasing in 2021 assuming no further shipping delays!

Which of these are you most excited to play or hear about through reviewers? Are any of these a likely buy for you in the near future?


As some of you might expect, of these games, my vote would go to #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. It should be arriving at our office in a week or two and my gut feeling is that while it won't be a love at first sight, it'll likely leave me thinking about it for a few days.

Also, I'd love to try out games by Awaken Realms but I honestly don't see myself owning any of them in the future because:

  1. They usually feel like a big commitment in terms of money, time, and space
  2. I don't have the right group for games like Nemesis
  3. Their solo campaign games look exciting but too overwhelming in terms of required tablespace, rulebook complexity, etc

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Supporter16 days ago

It's such a great time to be a gamer! All of these look so good. I picked#Endless Winter: Paleoamericans because that's probably the most likely one I'll be able to get but I'd want each of these in my collection in a heartbeat!

Owner15 days ago

I love how vibrant the colors are on the games that The Mico did the art (not just the box cover, but the board and everything else too. A shelf full of those would look amazing :)

Premium User16 days ago

I kickstarted Frosthaven a while ago and I am definitely looking forward to that one.  Gloomhaven has been a top game for me and I'm looking forward to seeing how he has tweaked the formula!

Owner15 days ago

Has there been any updates from Cephalofair on the estimated timeline? The amount of press coverage will be amazing on that one! I wonder what kind of game they'll come out with next (will it be another Gloomhaven game?)

Premium User15 days ago

Last update said it would be in the printers in May and they would start fulfillment in August.

17 days ago

I don't know anyone who is getting any of those 5. However, #The Defence of Procyon III is the only Kickstarter I have ever backed and it is due to arrive in May (although it isn't clear if Vivid/Suez canal has caused serious problems). I have played it a bunch on TTS but am really looking forward to it on a table. 

I really like the original #Nemesis, so I'd for sure love to give the sequel a go, hopefully it keeps the wonderfully thematic and chaotic nature of the game while adding something meaningfully different. I know a few of my friends who own and love #Gloomhaven so wouldn't say no to that either. That said from what I have read of #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile it does seem to be doing something entirely new, which I have a lot of respect for. Can I have them all? Is that allowed?

Owner17 days ago

I'm looking forward to hearing more about #The Defence of Procyon III. I remember being excited about David Turczi designing a sci-fi game. Plus, I believe it had elements of asymmetry between factions? I do remember thinking though, that the Kickstarter campaign would have benefitted immensely from getting more polish. Pre-production pictures don't look as appealing and I personally would have liked to see a slightly different art direction (especially on graphic design).

And yes, you can have them all 😆

17 days ago

It is incredibly asymmetric: each faction has different mechanisms for movement, combat, scoring etc. It is two teams of two, playing across two arenas (space and land) with a bunch of interactive mechanisms between each of them. For example, if the human space fleet can get into orbit they can drop marines onto the surface and the space aliens can bombard the planet and land ships to help with the attack. Likewise the humans are trying to evacuate the scientists from the planet, so these transports are sent up which then have to be defended. It's really thematic and because everyone works differently there is nice 'unknown' element as your opponent gets to do wacky things each turn...but so do you.

Owner17 days ago

I feel like I'm supposed to say #Frosthaven but #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is just so different and I'm so excited to try it!

Supporter16 days ago

I've been watching rules videos and playthroughs for Oath and I probably need to stop until I get my shipping notification because my hype level is so high right now.

Owner17 days ago

I'll have to read up on the rules soon so that we can play soon after it arrives! We backed Frosthaven a while back too huh?

Owner17 days ago

Yeah. Still waiting on that too. Which would you rather play if we get them at the same time?

Owner17 days ago

I'm most curious about Oath since I know it'll be a very different kind of game. At least when it comes to Frosthaven, I've experienced that type of gameplay/universe through playing #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion :D

16 days ago

Personally, I passed on Frosthaven. My wife and I put a lot of time into Gloomhaven, but we've sinced moved on to other games. Given we never finished our campaign, I couldn't justify backing the sequel (?).

As for ISS: Vanguard and Nemesis: Lockdown, I love the artwork. But the games both look fairly unbalanced, untested, and just... empty. Maybe that's too harsh, but I wasn't too impressed with what I saw of Tainted Grail and Etherfields.

Oath looks like a lot of fun, but I didn't back it either. That said, there's a good chance I'll pick it up when it comes to retail. The game looks like a lot of fun.

Owner15 days ago

Did those issues make you more hesitant about backing another Awaken Realms game? Their games look fascinating but it just doesn't fit my preferences.

I like games that tell stories, and while that makes Awaken Realms' games interesting to me, I don't love how complicated a board game gets when it's getting to borderline video game levels of complexity (but handling it on tabletop). That's one of the reasons why I like Cole's designs, since it tells a story based on your actions, but it doesn't come with the same complications and time commitment.

Supporter16 days ago

How are you getting it in a week or two?!  I haven't even seen an update that says they are making shipping labels yet.

Owner16 days ago

Wait was I completely off there? Lol

Just read the update on Kickstarter. I guess my expectations were based on seeing content creators in the UK talking about the game :(

Supporter16 days ago

I was going to be so jealous of you.  I'll be excited for you to try it.  Maybe once you get settled down and we both know how to play it we can grab a game on TTS.

Owner15 days ago

Sounds good! How soon do you think you'll be able to get a game in after it arrives? Are you thinking of playing it solo first? (I remember you mentioning that you didn't want to do that with Pax Pamir)

Or do you have your group on standby and ready to dive in :D

Supporter15 days ago

I will definitely wait to try it solo until I play with my group.  I do think my group will really enjoy it, and one of them is actively excited for me to get it.

The one caveat I will make is I am considering running through the Play this first on my own.  So not officially a solo game but just playing it multihand so I have a better understanding for a teach and hopefully make the teach easier/quicker.

16 days ago

Excited to see/play all of the above. Having greatly enjoyed both Lost Ruins of Arnak and Dune, I really want to see what Endless Winter brings to the table. 

Owner15 days ago

I really liked how Endless Winter looked, and its mechanics seemed interesting too. The only real downside for me was that it seemed to be low on the amount of player interaction.

17 days ago

I  "kicked" Frosthaven and Gloomhaven and own Jaws of the Lion (started but stalled on JOTL). I also "kicked" ISS Vanguard (not coming for a year)? Likewise, I put a dollar down for Nemesis (Lockdown) and have Nemesis unplayed on my shelf (grabbed from local brick and mortar store)...

I also have "kicked" the NILO gaming table... I think once the table gets here (still not at shipper) I will finish JOTL and get started on Nemesis...

At least, that's the plan. Surgery and Covid has kiboshed my gaming group...


Owner15 days ago

You're right, I wonder why I was thinking ISS Vanguard would arrive this year lol. While most Awaken Realms will look like "too much" for me, I did like the theme of ISS Vanguard more than their other games :D

Sorry to hear that, hope you and your group will fare better soon. Has there been any game nights at all recently? It's been all solo, 2p, or family game nights for me!

15 days ago

Thanks. Such is life. Just 2 player for my partner and I. She will play anything as long as I am the rules reader/learner ;)


My group has been inoculated once but with  compromised people in our group,I don't see any games nights until we all have the second shot!

May dem bones roll your way!


Comment deleted.
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