Weekly Challenge #7: How Picky Are You?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how picky are you when it comes to adding to your wishlist and why?

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Owner9 months ago

4. I'm quite particular about my preferences so not many games make it through haha. They will sometimes enter but will quickly get removed after one of my monthly purges.

Supporter9 months ago

Before I even read this, I wrote a post about how games get added to one's wishlist. The short answer for me is that, "it depends."

9 months ago

haha for sure man. you seem like a solid 2 or 3 XD

Supporter9 months ago

Call it 2.5....I'm just a middle of the road kind of guy... Jk.. Lol

9 months ago

haha its okay, im am too. Im sitting on that 3.5 lol

Supporter9 months ago


9 months ago


I would say that I am fairly picky, however if I play a game once and decently like it or I win the first time, you can almost assume it will go on my wishlist. I also might through something on there as a placeholder to remind myself to do future research. With that said, mylist is always thinning out because I will go back and take games off if they have lost my interest, etc.

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