Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion First Impressions & Giveaway

We got a copy of the highly anticipated board game Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion which is the functionally introductory/streamlined version of the original Gl......

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Hungry Gamer New User21 days ago | 2 points[-]

Love the maps in the book.  I learned to love it with Aftermath.  Can't wait to play this one

sdirrane Supporter21 days ago | 1 point[-]

I am wondering if you have any thoughts on how Aftermath would play with Elementary aged kids?  It looks like a fun game with a theme my oldest (and hopefully as my other kids get older) would really like.

My daughter is 7 and has played Root a number of times, as well as a few other games.

Hungry Gamer New User20 days ago | 1 point[-]

I think it would be great to play together. It has an environmental overtone to it which i appreciate.  The rules have a couple of holes in it, but once you learn it its just a delight

sdirrane Supporter20 days ago | 1 point[-]


theDL 21 days ago | 2 points[-]

Great video Trent! This seems like an awesome step for the board game industry as a whole - take a beast of a game, make it more beginner friendly, sell it at Target.

philryuh Supporter20 days ago | 1 point[-]

#Too Many Bones just needs to become less PVC, less waterproof, and less neoprene and it can probably make the cut. Actually... I guess the rulebook is the biggest problem.

JamesReid860 Supporter21 days ago | 2 points[-]

I’d like to get this one. I’ve played a few scenarios of Gloomhaven and for my game group, right now, I don’t think we’d play it enough to really justify the purchase. But this one I could do.  

WadeB1977 21 days ago | 2 points[-]

Looking forward to playing this one day.  I did get to play around with some of the characters on Tabletop Simulator.

Sliddell11 21 days ago | 2 points[-]

Definitely looks interesting! I’m not super into campaign driven games however. I would never turn down trying the game, however i dont think i would ever work towards purchasing it.

Ferryhong New User19 days ago | 1 point[-]

Really looking forward for this board game, wish it could help overcome our colleague stress in this pandemic

jaydekitten New User19 days ago | 1 point[-]

I’m really looking forward to this one!  I’ve played a few scenarios of GH but I am still iffy on some of the rules.  I like the idea of being walked through the first few scenarios and being taught the rules along the way.  

Skyw3rd 20 days ago | 1 point[-]

I'd love to play that as the gameplay appeals to me as a fan of tactical combat and multiuse cards without dice. Still though, the themes and content seem to go against what appeals to me personally. I'd love to see these fantasy worlds branch beyond "dark fantasy" tropes. For a fantasy world that's touted as being so unique, it all seems fairly mundane and well ridden.

Cottagefry New User20 days ago | 1 point[-]

Ahh love the video and I'm anxious to get in and play this... just need to get my hands on a copy first! lol 

BenjaminK 21 days ago | 1 point[-]

Nice review first impression! I think I'd want this one, but I'm pretty sure if I did, I'd be forcing myself to get the main version later haha

sdirrane Supporter21 days ago | 1 point[-]

Thanks a lot for the concise video.  I really think this will be high on my wish list at the moment.  

Do you have any idea outside of that main map which parts of the game get permanently changed (if any)?

R0land1199 Supporter21 days ago | 1 point[-]

I really love the idea of the maps on the page.  I'd pay money for something similar for gloomhaven!

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