Game testing, phase three. Last chance to participate

Does anyone here enjoy non-complex games? My motto when developing a game is "simple is better". I am always trying to create games that are super easy to learn and play yet offer a good balance between strategy and luck. The game GO is a great example. Simple board, simple rules, simple pieces, yet infinitely challenging or very simple to play depending on the players.

I have been refining and changing the rules for Bag-O-Loot for two months now and we are almost finished. It used to be two full pages of rules with pictures and explanations for every possible situation. Now it is down to half a page of rules and offers even better game play than the original.

Bag-O-Loot is a card game so there is always luck involved due to the random draw of cards. But the rules, although simple, create a framework for light fun or deeper strategy.

We are entering the third and final phase of game testing as we polish the new rules one last time. If you like less complicated games and would like to be on the testing team, sign up on the web site:

Qualified testers get a copy of the game, a $10 gift certificate, and if you submit a high quality video of you playing the game, a chance at winning a $100 Amazon gift card.

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3 months ago

Hey! I'm interested in doing some play testing but the link brings me to a 404 page and I can't find the signup elsewhere on the site.

3 months ago

Sorry the link was wrong. I just fixed it: