Dale Yu: Review of Crown of Emara

Crown of Emara Designer: Benjamin SchwerPublisher: Pegasus SpielePlayers: 1-4Ages: 12+Time: 60-75 minutesTimes played: 5, with review copy provided by Pegasus Spiele Crown of Emara is one of the ne...

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20 months ago

Does anyone have the scoop on when this will reach the US?  Some sites list Q1, others Q3.  Since the English version was available at Essen Spiel 2018 I'm not sure why it is taking so long...

Supporter20 months ago

The article linked, says "I hadn’t heard much about this one prior to SPIEL, mostly because it wasn’t getting a US release, and I figured I’d take a look at it at the show."

I haven't seen anything myself on that changing?

20 months ago

I pre-ordered Realm of Sand last year only to discover in December that they had no arrangements for it to make it into US distribution, but a week ago I discovered that was arriving in April.  Hopefully Crown of Emara is just taking longer for distribution negotiations.  Several big online stores are still taking pre-orders for it, so I hope it eventually makes it to the US.  Maybe we'll hear something out of Origins or GenCon.

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