OverBattle: The All War by Syther Gaming

OverBattle is a game of tabletop space warfare, with all of the dice and great minis that you'd expect. It uses a 3D playing combat surface known as the CASy: Combat Assault System. The gameplay includes hybrid "initiative" bid mechanics and a fully variable game setup. Your decisions matter from the first piece you place.

You can get a copy of the Kickstarter-Exclusive First Edition of OverBattle (all 10+ pounds of it!) and all unlocked stretch goals for $149. Check out the campaign before it ends on May 19, 2020.

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About OverBattle

OverBattle is an area control game for 2 to 4 players that takes two to four hours to play. 

Its full board is 6 feet long, made of an advanced fabric with stitched edges. The moons, asteroids, and planets that you place on the board are individual game mats.

There are 21 designs in all:

A 3mm non-skid neoprene premium game mat and carrying bag are available as add-ons.

Each player has a 107-piece game set. Prefer a different color than what's in the box? 14 different colors are available to choose from as add-ons. 

And if you have trouble with the reds and browns due to color-blindness, they will work with you to custom print a new set of the 107 brown pieces with the contrast that works best for you. They'll make you a new set for free, because they want everyone to enjoy the game experience.

All of the game pieces have a home in the included storage trays.

The dice and crystals also have storage trays with lids, and the chips have stackable containers.

The game manual will be delivered on a reusable USB drive instead of paper, formatted to be easily printed by those who may wish to do so.

Game Play

In OverBattle, you can build alliances or annihilate those who stand in your way. 

Combat is resolved with a d12 system where a 1 is perfect. There are 10 d12 dice, a d4, and 60 crystals per player. 

The CASy Combat Assault System is a 3-D multi-tier component that lets you clearly see what's happening (and looks great on the table). 

The player screens have detailed information for each player. 

OverBattle also includes 64 SmartCards, with specs on the front and player guides on the back.

More on Kickstarter

There are great videos to learn more about game play, and to see how OverBattle looks set up on the table, plus stretch goals and add-ons, so check it out before it ends on May 19, 2020.

See the Kickstarter

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