Trading Horror Stories

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I recently listed a few games for trade on BGG and almost instantaneously received some trade requests. I'm not a huge trader because shipping is so expensive now a days, but it made me wonder if anyone on BGA has some horrible trading stories. I'm thinking like a game you were supposed to receive that never got sent out or maybe you sent your end of the trade to the wrong address. Anyone got any good stories? 

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Supporter9 months ago

I have made a handful of BGG trades and its gone fine each time so far. 

Supporter9 months ago

I have had only a few trade experiences. They have been very good experiences. 

Owner9 months ago

I haven't done any trades before so nothing from me :(

But I have heard of users who did math trades and accidentally checked the wrong box and offered the wrong (and a much more valuable) game haha 

Partner9 months ago

There are practice math trades where no one actually sends anything, you can participate just for a dress rehearsal.

Premium User9 months ago

That seems like just a tease

Premium User9 months ago

Really? No trades ever or just no bad ones? 

Last BGG math trade I only checked boxes for cash offers in my matrix and wound up getting next to nothing for them lol.

Only real bad experience I had with a trade..a guy agreed to a trade then realized he didn't have the rulebook for the game he was sending. Found it eventually but when I received the game it was missing components. Again he eventually found it and sent them to me but yeah it was a mess for a bit lol