Top 5 Kickstarters I Would Have Backed In Hindsight (Or... If I had Money)


I've yet to back a Kickstarter after getting into this hobby last year. Why?

  • Not the most cost effective and I try to keep a tight budget
  • There are already plenty of great games I need to check out
  • I'm fine with playing the waiting game

And yet, there are several campaigns that I think I would've backed had I been as deep into the hobby as I am now, PLUS knowing what I do now about these games.

5. #Scythe - Hmmmm not too sure about this one but it sure would've been tempting had I known about it at the time (and knowing how well rated it would be)

4. #Lions of Lydia: A Strategic Game of Ancient Prestige - I really like this game but don't have the final production copy. It also doesn't have some of the Kickstarter exclusives, deluxe metal coins and tokens, and some promo cards and the expansion. This would've been a great one to back

3. #Brass: Birmingham Deluxe - Checked out the campaign a year after it ran, and the price seemed like a sweet deal considering that it comes with the Iron Clays. I did hear that the insert in the deluxe edition had flaws though. Anyway, this would've been a tempting one for sure and still remains on my wishlist. Roxley finally has it back in stock but this game's currently not on my shortlist

2. #Too Many Bones - This really falls under.... "I would back 100% if I had money"

1. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - I already own this one. We got it for Board Game Atlas through an ebay purchase at a pretty steep price after it was fulfilled. In hindsight, I would've gone for this 100% despite the lack of any exclusives. The metal coins are also out of stock on this one, which I don't have but want!


How about you? What are some past Kickstarters that you would've backed 100% in hindsight (or if you had the money to spend?)

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10 months ago

Kickstarter is a pretty new world for me, I have only ever backed one game ( #The Defence of Procyon III) and don't make a habit of browsing it. However, if I had the money, I think #Nemesis would be a game I would regret not backing.

Owner10 months ago

I'd love to try out #Nemesis some day! Actually, from what I've heard (from you mostly), #The Defence of Procyon III totally sounds like my type of game.

10 months ago

I can't wait to get it to a table, hopefully by the time it arrives things will have normalised somewhat 🤞

10 months ago

This is the "instant regret" list lol. thanks for the reminder!!!

Owner10 months ago

What was your top instant regret? lol

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition)? (before you backed the reprint Kickstarter?)

10 months ago

Well to be completely honest, my biggest regrets are based on price! Like TMB is like 35 bucks cheaper through Kickstarter compared to retail. Some with Brass, but I am getting or have gotten those games lol. 

Premium User10 months ago

Haha, I like this idea. I'll have to think about Kickstarters I've missed out on and what I'd actually have backed. From your list, I think probably just Pax Pamir really stands out. The others are possibilities, but aren't sure things for me.

Supporter10 months ago

Oh for sure #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) for me.  I don't know if it'd get to table a lot, but considering it's not supposed to hit retail...

Owner10 months ago

It's still available for pre-order but.....

Supporter10 months ago

I'm definitely with you on several of these. At least I had a second chance with Pamir that makes me happy. 

Owner10 months ago

I just pre-ordered a copy of Pax Pamir 2E for a future giveaway. And... I made a personal purchase for those metal coins :)

Supporter10 months ago

That is super awesome news. Glad I got you sufficiently tempted with those beautiful coins.... LOL

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