Orchard - 9 Card Solitaire Game - PnP

Mark Tuck has made his "Orchard" game available as a PnP and it is worth the time to print out. You can download the files and the back of the cards to make 18 cards so two can even play at once. To complete the game you will need 15 6 sided dice of three colors (red, purple, and yellow) and two black cubes. There is room to use dice of any color you have on hand, but it is a bit harder to play that way. When you buy the game the dice have a "10" side for the max point marker. I just used the 5 pip side.

Setup? Shuffle the 18 cards and split the deck into 9 and 9. You will use only one pile of nine for each game. Have the dice and cubes nearby. The object of the game is to see how many points you can score with the 9 cards and fifteen dice. When you run out of cards - the game is over - and you count the pips on the placed dice and subtract 3 for any black cubes you placed.

So how does it actually play? Deal yourself two cards and place one on the table. Cards are rotated 90 degres as many times as you want with the goal of placing the same color flowers on top of each other. The first time you cover a flower of the same color you will place the same colored die on the top flower with the 1 pip. Each time you are able to stack another flower on top of the same flower with the die - it advances the die - 1 becomes 3 becomes 6 becomes 10 (or in my case 5.) If you are forced to place a non-matching flower - you place a black cube on that flower and it costs you points.

When you run out of dice of a color - you cannot gain more points for those flowers - so manage your dice. Sometimes you will need to take a hit with the black cube to rotate those cubes to higher numbers. If you can get 40 or more - there is a chart of point totals - you are doing pretty well - over 55 is probably not possible.

You get the idea: look for patterns and try to restack flowers of a color to get the 10s if you can.

I love a game that's pretty. This one is pretty. I first tried to play with colored dice that didn't match. I found it hard to really understand the rules. Once the dice matched the flower colors it was quite a nice little game. If you play with two - you will need 10 dice and 4 cubes so you can both play together.

This one is a fun game. Thank you Mark.

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